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Desch is a guest party member from Final Fantasy III. He joins the party on Dragon's Peak in an attempt to restore his lost memories. After escaping the dragon he follows the party until his death(?) in the Tower of Owen. He is an Ancient that was the guardian of the Tower of Owen. When the party defeats Medusa he jumps into the fire to save the continent from disaster. It is revealed in Canaan that he was fond of Salina, and it is unknown if he returns to her. The player can return to Canaan to visit Salina if they choose, but it is not required. You can also go to the Villiage of the Ancients to learn more of his past as well. Searching through the records of the Saronia library reveals that Desch was the son of the original builder of the Tower of Owen, who was conducting experiments on the continent before it separated.

  • Attacks
    • Attack (Hits four times)
    • Thundara

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