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With Final Fantasy X-2 having a non-linear story it allows you to complete as much of the story as you'd like, and the more you complete it, the better the rewards and the better the ending that is shown. Here's a list of all the endings that are shown and what you need to do, to see the endings:

[edit] Bad Ending

After battling Shuyin and Vegnagun, the girls lose to him, and he is able to shoot Vegnagun, destroying Spira. This is more of an exagerated 'game over' sequence, but there is a cut scene showing the Canyons and the Calm Lands with lots of explosions. You will then hear "Game Over" music.

[edit] How to See It

Simply lose to Shuyin/Vegnagun

[edit] Sad Ending

As you're walking in the flower field in the Farplane, press the "X" button. Yuna will then hear a whistle. Pyreflies will gather and a silhouette of Tidus will appear embracing Yuna. Yuna will tell him that she had been always thinking of him and has now finally gotten to meet him again. But, she's okay now. As long as he's here in the Farplane, she can come see him whenever she wants. The vision disappears and Yuna walks off. You'll then see the cut scene for the Normal Ending.

[edit] How to See It

If you don't have enough story completion or if you didn't activate several key events in the game, you'll get this ending

[edit] Normal Ending

In the regular ending, Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai make a speech in Luca, chastizing themselves for losing touch with what their mission should have been all along, and that is uniting Spira and searching out the future together, instead of splintering off into seprate factions. Gippal then reminds the crowd that someone they all know and love is actually responsible for saving Spira once again. A brief flashback then happens showing before the speech where the 3 men try to intice Yuna to stay with them at Luca and enjoy the festivities. Yuna decides she is ready to go home to Besaid and flies off with Paine and Rikku. As they fly away, Rikku Paine, and Yuna are on the top of the Celsius, enjoying the sun and Yuna urges Brother to fly the ship as high and as fast as he can. Yuna then reflects that everything has happened, good or bad, is all part of a story, and somehow it all started when she "thought she saw a picture of you". The Celsius flys off into the blue sky.

[edit] How to See It

Beat Vegnagun/Shuyin - you will also have the bonus of seeing a sweet cut scene of Lenne and Shuyin being reunited after a thousand years. As you cross the flower field in the farplane on the way out DO NOT press the "X" button. (Hitting X here will trigger one of the other endings)

[edit] Good Ending

As Yuna is walking in the flower field in the Farplane, press "X" and Yuna will hear a whistle. She looks around to hear where it's coming from. That little Fayth guy will appear and tell you that he's heard your wish to see Tidus again. He will then ask you if you want to see him again and you have to answer. If you really hate Tidus and answer "I'm fine with the way it is," Yuna will tell the Fayth that she doesn't need to see him because he's in her heart. The Fayth will disappear and you'll just get the Normal Ending.

Assuming that you chose "I want to be with him" the Fayth will tell you that he'll try to bring him back, but there's no promises. Yuna will walk away and you'll see the cut scene for the Normal Ending. After the credits run through, you'll see the scene at the end of FFX where Tidus is in the water. This time, he'll emerge outside Besaid Island. He whistles and swims towards the shore, at which time the Celsius comes roaring in, and Yuna jumps out and embraces Tidus. Yuna asks if he's the real thing to which he answers, "what do you think?" Yuna nods in agreement. Paine and Rikku look on, smiling for their friend from the Celsius. As they're hugging, Wakka shouts out from the shore. Most of the population of the Island is there witnessing their reunion, including Lulu and the new baby Vidina. Yuna and Tidus agree to go meet them and start running towards the shore. Tidus tells Yuna that she's changed. She responds by saying that a lot of things have happened. Tidus yells out that he wants to hear about it. The camera zooms out to a fade.

[edit] How to See It

If you have a high story completion and activated several key events in the game, you'll get this ending (100% completed is not nessecary for this ending, but it is recommended to have a high percentage complete to make sure you see it.)

[edit] Perfect Ending

You get to watch everything in the Happy Ending and then after the camera zooms out and fades to black, piano music starts playing and you'll see that Tidus and Yuna are back in Zanarkand. Tidus explains to Yuna that he was recreated by the Fayths and so he's still is a dream, implying that he might disappear someday. However, he says everything will be alright if they take care of each other. Yuna hugs him and asks if that's what the Fayth told him. He responds saying that he came up with that idea himself. Yuna then pushes Tidus into the water. Tidus reiterates that they have to take care of each other. Yuna tells him that he won't disappear. Camera fades to black.

[edit] How to See It (Two Methods)

  1. Do everything for the Happy Ending and have 100% story completion.
  2. You have to press X while Yuna walks through the field of flowers and you have to select "Yes" when the option comes up.

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