Doned Radiuju

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Doned Radiuju
Species Hume
Class N/A
Weapon Type N/A

Doned Radiuju is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. He is the younger brother of Marche Radiuju, the main character of FFTA. Doned is confined to a wheelchair in the real world due to being very ill.

When the world mysteriously transforms to the imaginary world of Ivalice, Doned is able to walk again. Because of this, Doned becomes an antagonist to Marche due to his desire to walk again. With his own clan, Doned attempts to stop Marche's clan from getting into Bernervia Palace by stealing his materite. Although he succeeds, Marche is still able to cope with the loss of the materite and is able to visit the castle.

Later, Doned attempts other forms of sabotage on other occasions. Marche sets up a planned meeting at Tubola Cave, where he explains why they must go back to the real world, and how Marche was always jealous of Doned secretly because he got all the attention from their mother. After some thought, Doned comes to his senses and agrees to help his brother.

After the return to the real world, Doned is still crippled to his wheelchair, but he has learned to accept it. He is also seen making new friends and showing them how to play Final Fantasy.

[edit] Trivia

  • Although Doned has his own clan, Marche never actually fights Doned himself.
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