Dragon Aevis (FFXII)

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Dragon Aevis
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Dragon Aevis is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII that appears in the Stilshrine of Miriam.


[edit] Stats

Level HP MP Strength Magic Pwr Vitality
29-31 5479-6159 550-730 32-38 16-20 41-51
Speed Attack Pwr Defense Magic Res Evasion Exp
16-20 39-45 22-26 22-26 0 2549-2801
2 347-905 0
Elemental Properties
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Holy Dark
- Weak - - - - - -
Drop Steal Poach
Wyrm Carapace (common)
Storm Magicite (uncommon)
Antidote (rare)
Goggle Mask (very rare)
30 gil (common)
Echo Herbs (uncommon)
Leo Gem (rare)
Wyrm Carapace (common)
Battlewyrm Carapace (rare)
Other Info
Immunities Disease, Doom, Lure, Poison, Sap, Stop
Attacks/Abilities Bile, Lunge
Other -

[edit] Bestiary Entry

NO.: 103

GENUS: Dragon


[edit] Observations

Being a dragon that has lived in darkness for such a great span of time, its eyes have withered, yet its sense of touch has grown so acute that it may sense the slightest source of heat upon the air, thereby distinguishing obstacle from foe.

'Aevis' summons to mind the word for 'demon's armor' in an ancient tongue, and indeed, this wyrm's carapace is as impenetrable as the hardest steel.

[edit] Aletap Rumors

You know the diamond sword, right? Well, it's worth such a fortune that they have to wrap it in a bundle of feathers for sale so it don't scratch none.

Of course, it's hard to imagine anything that would mar that blade. Why, if it did nick, I'd have to say it was a fake.

Cerynute, Machinist

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