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Dyne is a non-playable character and boss battle from Final Fantasy VII. Dyne was Barret Wallace's best friend and Marlene's biological father.

Years before the start of the game, when the Shinra Electric Power Company wanted to build a Mako Reactor in his hometown of Corel, Dyne opposed it. But Barret tried to convince him that it would benefit the town. The reactor eventually exploded, and believing they had ties to AVALANCHE, Shinra burned the town and its people. When Dyne and Barret returned, he found his wife was killed and assumed his daughter, Marlene, to be dead as well. During their escape, Dyne fell off the side of a cliff, hanging on to Barret's arm. Shinra soldiers fired at them, causing Dyne to fall into the ravine, presumably to his death. He lived, however, and like Barret, replaced his ineffective arm with a weapon.

Years later, while the party is at the Gold Saucer, a man with a gun-arm kills several patrons. The party, believed to be the culprit, is sent to Corel Prison where Barret relays the story of Corel. Barret knows that it is Dyne who killed those people, and upon finding him, realizes he has become a bitter individual. A battle ensues between the two old friends, and when Dyne is defeated, Barret tells him that Marlene is alive. Not being able to live with all he has done, Dyne tosses a necklace at Barret asking him to give it to Marlene. His final act is to commit suicide by jumping the edge of the cliff.

[edit] Boss Battle

[edit] Stats

Dyne is faced as a boss in Corel Prison. Barret is the only one to battle Dyne.

Level HP MP
23 1200 20
Attack Defense Magic Mag Def Dexterity Evasion
32 64 25 250 55 1
AP Exp Gil
55 600 750
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Water Wind
- - - - - -
Gravity Poison Holy
Immune - -
Death Sadness Slow Slow-numb Berserk
Immune - - Immune Immune
Near-death Fury Stop Petrify Paralysis
- - - Immune -
Sleep Confusion Frog Death Sent Darkness
- Immune Immune Immune -
Poison Silence Small Manipulate
- Immune Immune Immune
Drop Steal Morph
Silver Armlet - -
Abilities Molotov Cocktail, Needle Gun, S-Mine

[edit] Strategy

The only important thing to remember in this battle is your HP. Keep it above half at all times, as Dyne has a nasty move called Molotov Cocktail. When you're not healing yourself, attack physically or with Fire. Your limit bar should reach climax at least twice in the battle. Dyne's HP is 1200. Nothing to worry about.

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