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Edea Kramer
Sorceress Edea

Edea Kramer, known as Sorceress Edea early in the game, is the main antagonist of the first half of Final Fantasy VIII.

She is first introduced as the ambassador of the Galbadian government and president Vinzer Deling during the first SeeD mission in Timber. In her first personal appearance she kidnaps Seifer Almasy who becomes her knight. Following the broadcast in Timber, the party escapes and heads to Galbadia Garden. There, they mourn the presumed death of Seifer who left with Edea. In Dollet, Seifer mentioned his 'romantic dream' and his overdue library books include one telling of the Sorceress and her Knight.

The party is then joined by the sharpshooter Irvine Kinneas and ordered to assassinate Sorceress Edea during her celebration parade in Deling City. The plan is to, with the help of General Caraway, split into two teams. One will gain access to the clock tower of Deling City, where Irvine will be able to get a clear shot. The other will trap the sorceress under the archway nearby.

Before the parade begins, Edea makes a speech:

"...Lowlifes. ...Shameless filthy wretches. How you celebrate my ascension with such joy. Hailing the very one whom you have condemned for generations. Have you no shame? What happened to the evil, ruthless sorceress from your fantasies? The cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered countless men and destroyed many nations. Where is she now? She stands before your very eyes to become your new ruler. HAHAHAHAHA."
Edea's speech

President Deling asks her if she's feeling alright; Edea responds by killing him. The Galbadian people continue to cheer.

Within the world of Final Fantasy VIII, this speech doesn't appear to make much sense. Sorceresses were respected, and it is only following the Sorceress War that they were feared and hated. However, this war only took place eighteen years before - scarcely one generation. The condemnation of sorceresses is only just beginning at this point in time. However, this will be explained later. During the parade, the party see that Seifer is still alive.

Despite a few setbacks - such as Rinoa being kidnapped by the sorceress and almost fed to hungry lizards, the team consisting of Squall and Irvine manage to get into position in time. The second team also succeed, despite being accidentally locked up by General Caraway.

Unfortunately, at the last moment Irvine freezes. Although he does eventually make the shot, Edea has become aware of his intentions, and successfully deflects. The second plan is a head-on attack lead by Squall. However, this confrontation also ends badly, with Edea ending the battle by piercing Squall's chest with a large icicle.

The party wakes up in the Galbadia Desert Prison, which, like the rest of Galbadia is now under Sorceress Edea's command. Squall is shocked - but not entirely unhappy - to find that his wound is completely healed. He is less happy to be tortured by Seifer.

Seifer, on behalf of Edea, wishes to discover the point of Garden, and SeeD. As Seifer never passed his Seed Exam, he presumes that some secret is given once one does. Squall has no idea what he is talking about, and is electrocuted until he passes out.

After a failed assassination attempt by the main SeeD characters Edea orders a missile attack on Balamb and Trabia Gardens in revenge as well as imprisoning the main characters in the D-district Prion. The final act of Edea as a sorceress is to operate from Galbadia Garden as a mobile base in an attempt to track down Elone, who has the power to see into the past. The final battle takes place between Edea and SeeD in the auditorium of Galbadia Garden. In battle, Edea wields powerful para-magic spells as well as the devastating Maelstrom attack. Her knight Seifer Alamasy fights at her side during the final fight. After being defeated Edea returns to being the regular person she once was.

Edea with her husband

Edea is revealed to be the wife of Headmaster Cid and a co-founder of SeeD, a unit she designed with the purpose of defeating her if she became out of control. She is also revealed to be the matron of the orphanage that the main characters grew up in. Edea inherited her powers from a dying sorceress she found outside the orphanage. She took the powers for fear that she would harm her children if she didn't. Edea travels as a playable character to Esthar to seek the advice of Dr Odine before it is revealed that she inadvertently passed on her powers and is no longer a sorceress. She spends the remainder of the game reunited with her husband in Centra.

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