Edgar Roni Figaro

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Edgar Roni Figaro
Edgar by Amano
Age 27
Birthplace Figaro
Gender Male
Job Machinist
Skill Tools
Limit Break Royal Shock

Edgar Roni Figaro is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VI. Edgar is the young brash King of Figaro. A man with a good head on his shoulders, he is very intelligent and not afraid to get his hands dirty for the right cause. Edgar wants nothing but what is good for his people, and pleads neutrality with the Empire, but knows that eventually the Kingdom of Figaro will be attacked so he sides with the Returners.

Edgar VI.jpg

Edgar comes from a royal blood line. He has a twin brother, Sabin, who he grew up with. The two brothers got along nicely and brought the best in each other. One day their father, the current King at the time, past away, and one of the two sons needed to step up and take the throne. Neither wanted to. Sabin for thinking that Emperor Gestahl had some doing in their father's death, and Edgar didn't want to put up with the responsibilities. Knowing that one would have to eventually take the throne, Edgar made Sabin a deal. They left the decision at the flip of a coin toss. The winner got to leave the Kingdom, while the loser remained and became King. Edgar used a two sided coin and allowed for Sabin to win. Sabin leaves the Kingdom to become a martial arts expert, and Edgar takes full control over Figaro.

Edgar uses tools in battle that attack all the enemies at once, or inflict multiple status effects. Either way, Edgar is a powerhouse during combat, and later one he has the potential to become your main Dragoon with a spear in hand, and the Jump ability. Edgar has a a ton of HP and defense, and in the beginning, you will find yourself coming to like, not only his personality as a character, but also how strong of fighter he is as well.

Edgar can be defined as a "ladies man" as he is often seen trying to woo some young, or even sometimes old women. This leads the rest of the party to believe that the man they encounter after Kefka becomes a god.

[edit] Quotes

"First of all, your beauty has captivated me! Second... I'm dying to know if I'm your type... I guess your ...abilities... would be a distant third." (to Terra)
"If something were to happen to me, all the world's women would grieve!"
"Not even a lady yet... Here's hoping you're still around in eight years, kid." (in reference to Relm)

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