Edge Geraldine

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Edge Geraldine
Gender Male
Birthplace Eblan
Job Ninja
Special Abilites Steal, Throw, Ninjutsu

Edge Geraldine is a playable character in the game Final Fantasy IV. He is the prince of Eblan and a skilled Ninja. He is very brash and has an inflated ego, and flirts with women quite often. However, he is kind and has a strong sense of right and wrong, and defends his kingdom no matter what the price.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"Prince of the ancient island kingdom of Eblan. Edge's confidence in his own abilities is complete. He is quick to anger, but his explosive nature is balanced by an overwhelming sense of justice." (Game Description)

Edge is first seen in Cave Eblana, battling and being defeated by Rubicante, the Fiend of Fire. Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rosa Farrell, and Rydia witness this battle, then offer their help. However, Edge tells them that it is not their problem causing Rydia to burst into tears, reflecting on all the pain and suffering Golbez has caused, killing Tellah, and supposedly killing Yang Fang Leiden and Cid Pollendina. Edge then agrees to join because he does not want to see a "pretty girl" cry. Rosa heals him, and he flirts with Rosa as well. Rydia is disgusted by Edge's attitude, and Edge officially joins the party.

[edit] Special Abilites

  • Steal: Steal an item from an enemy.
  • Throw: Lob a weapon at an enemy.
  • Ninjutsu: Use ninja skills.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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