Edward Chris von Muir

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Edward Chris von Muir
Gender Male
Birthplace Damcyan
Job Bard
Special Abilites Hide, Salve, Bardsong

Edward Chris von Muir is a main playable character in Final Fantasy IV. The crown prince of Damcyan, Edward fell in love with the sage Tellah's daughter, Anna. When Tellah finds out about this, he refuses to consent to their being together, thus they eloped when the kingdom of Baron bombed Damcyan castle.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

"Prince of the desert kingdom of Damcyan. Disillusioned with life at court in the castle, Edward cast off the mantle of royalty to travel the world disguised as a common bard. Though frail of constitution, he possesses a kind and gentles soul." (Game Description)

Edward detests his own status as royalty, and has an exquisite voice backed up by great skill in musical instruments. At first, he joins Cecil so he can enter a cave, but then he decides to continue on with them as they plan to rise up against Baron, the mightiest kingdom in the land.

[edit] Special Abilites

  • Hide: Hide to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Salve:Use the same item on each party member.
  • Bardsong: Sing songs to produce various effects.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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