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Effect Magic is a type of magic in Final Fantasy VI. It deals with status ailments and impairing foes. Spells such as Poison will deal damage over time, where others like Break will attempt to petrify an enemy. Most Effect-based Magic spells tend to do minimal to no damage, but in the long run can immobilize and incapacitate the enemies.

Name Magicite Required Target Effect and Description MP
Berserk Phantom One Makes a character attack out of control 16
Dispel Unicorn, Alexander One Removes effects of spells from a target 25
Float Cait Sith, Paladin One Levitates target, provides immunity to earth-elemental spells 17
Haste Carbuncle, Paladin One Speeds up AT bar of one character 10
Hastega Paladin All Speeds up AT bar of entire party 38
Imp Cait Sith One Applies "imp" status to one target 10
Muddle Cait Sith One Confuses target 8
Silence Siren One Negate's target's ability to cast spells 8
Osmose Shiva, Zoneseeker One Takes MP from target, applies it to caster 1
Quick Odin One Instant AT, and 2x attack 99
Rasp Shiva, Zoneseeker One Takes away target's MP 12
Reflect Carbuncle One Bounces Magic spells back at the target 22
Wall Unicorn, Carbuncle, Golem, Alexander One Increases physical defense 12
Libra Kirin One Determines target's HP, MP, and weaknesses 3
Shell Unicorn, Carbuncle, Zoneseek, Alexander One Increases MA defense 15
Sleep Siren One Puts target to sleep 5
Slow Siren, Paladin One Slows target's AT bar 5
Slowga Paladin All Slows target's AT bar 26
Stop Fenrir, Golem One Slows AT bar of multiple targets 10
Vanish Phantom One Makes target invisible 18
Warp Carbuncle, Fenrir All Removes party from dungeon or battle 20

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