Elmyra Gainsborough

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Elmyra Gainsborough
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Artwork of Elmyra

Elmyra Gainsborough is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VII and is the adoptive mother of Aeris Gainsborough.

Cloud meets Elmyra shortly after meeting Aeris when she takes him to her home. Elmyra kindly asks Cloud to sneak out in the middle of the night to spare Aeris another heartbreak.

Just before the Sector 7 pillar is bombed, Aeris takes Marlene to her mother to keep her safe. After Aeris is kidnapped, Elmyra is a significant source of Aeris’ past. She tells the party that she used to wait everyday at the train station for her husband to return home from the war in Wutai. Her husband never returned, but one day she found Aeris and her mother, Ifalna, just outside the train. Ifalna asked Elmyra to care for her daughter just before dying. Elmyra took Aeris in and soon after noticed that Aeris had unusual powers. Initially, she ignored these powers, but soon the Turks came to take Aeris to Shinra. Aeris refused to go and the Turks have watched over her since then.

Later in the game, the party receives word that Elmyra and Marlene have been taken to Kalm by Reeve for safety.

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