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FFXII Elza.jpg
Gender Female
Race Hume

Elza is a non-playable character from the Final Fantasy XII series. She is an associate of Reddas, along with Raz and Rikken.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII

Elza is introduced along with Reddas when the party arrives in Balfonheim. She questions the party’s loyalty to Reddas, but is quickly silenced when asked if she would complain to Reddas. When the party returns from the Pharos at Ridorana, they inform the trio of Reddas’ heroic death. Elza is not surprised, saying that Reddas had been searching for a place to die. The trio, though sad, accept that their leader is finally at rest.

Elza, along with Raz and Rikken, can be challenged to a foot race through Balfonheim. Prizes for winning include items or gil.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

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