Emerald Keep

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Emerald Keep
Mission No.: 010
Duration: Unlimited
Mission Type: Story
Price: 2700 Gil
Rank: 3
Rewards: 13600 Gil, 2 Items, 2 Cards

Emerald Keep is a mission in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. For a complete list, see Missions (FFTA).


[edit] Description

The Royal Mage Academy has given up their search for the giant emerald crystal of Salika Keep. Treasure hunters, now's your chance! ~Levey, Search Team Member

[edit] Enemies Encountered

[edit] Complete to Unlock

[edit] Location

[edit] Requires Completed

[edit] Strategy

Marche goes to Salika Keep in search of the emerald crystal. He encounters Babus who accuses Marche for Mewt's illness. Marche being the hero of course, denies the fact and states that he did not know this was Mewt's world...Engage!

Now you will be face to face with several advanced jobs and I hope that by this stage in time, you will have several advanced units of your own. Not only Babus powerful, so are the Templars and the Alchemist with him. The gunner also provides range and the Bishop with it's healing spells. The Bishop shouldn't be your top priority but try to advance your team closer to it. If you haven't dealt with an Alchemist already, he is able to cast Flare (for high damage) and Frog (which basically renders that unit useless) Try avoiding the gunner's shots, so blind him if you can but the gunner shouldn't be your priority either. The objective is to defeat the boss, so if you are having trouble with the rest of the gang, then take a shortcut and put all power to knockout Babus. After defeat, Babus will teleport away, now knowing Marche's face.

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