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    This section only refers to how you can get 255 equipment capacity, for all other stats and items, please see the main article Save Editing

If you've tried editing the equipment capacity to say FF, you'll have noticed that you most likely will not have gotten the Max Capacity available (which is 255). To be able to get the max available, its recommended you do the following:

  • Get all "Increase Capacity" boosts from the Crystarium for both characters so they have 100 Capacity
  • Unequip all your equipment
  • Go to the Historia Crux and save

Once you have done this, the following you will find out, is a real grind, so be prepared to spend an hour or so editing the saves to try and get yourself to have Max Capacity.

Once you've got a 'fresh' save of the game to work with (it's recommended that you only edit Equipment Capacity on it's own, though you can do both characters at the same time), you need to make sure that you work on editing just the one save file. Everytime you save, the save is 'Recoded' which means the Hex Values will change, so what you need to do is:

  • Change the offset and save
  • Transfer a COPY of this file to the PS3 and load up the Save
  • Make note of what the capacity has changed to
  • Open the original copy of the save file that is on your PC
  • Repeat from the first step above

With Equipment Capacity it can be quite a hit and miss as to how far you are from 255, and simply changing the value to FF or increasing it by 1 wont work. Instead what you need to do is trial and error, and write down the values that you achieve.

A good way of doing this is using the following table:

Spoiler: Large Table

As there are 255 possible capacities in the game, and each Hex value will refer to one of the above capacities. If you overwrite (or if you're using excel, simply insert a column after the capacity values, so you can enter the Hex value that give you a particular capacity) then soon you'll notice a pattern emerge.

What you should do to begin with is for BOTH CHARACTERS change ONLY the last character of the hex value. For example if the default hex value is AB then replace 100 with AB, and try AC. Load the game and notes it's place. What you want to do, is find a hex value which when used gives you a capacity in the final column above.

Say, for example that you used hex value 62 and it gave you a Capacity of 15, then the last thing you should be doing is worrying that you got a small capacity, in fact you should rejoice because you are now half way there, and will shortly have 255 capacity. The reason for is that a capacity of 15 is on the last column, and so any and ALL Hex Values that end in a 2 (only in this example mind), will also be in the last column.

So all that remains is for you to now change the FIRST character of the Hex Value and keep trying until you get 255. If you use this method, you can be guaranteed that it'll take you less than 26 edits for you to get your dream 255 Capacity, and considering you can do both characters simultaneously, you'll spend an hour or two at most doing this.

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