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Fenrir is the name of a reoccurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. He usually appears in wolf form.


[edit] Final Fantasy VI

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Fenrir appears as an Esper acquired after Humbaba retreats. You can get it from the kid in Mobiliz who will retrieve it and give it to you.

Level Bonus: Max MP +30%

MP Cost: 70

Special Move: Moon Song (Howling Moon)

  • Description: Prevents two physical attacks on each character (it misses).
Ability Acquisition Rate
Teleport X10
Banish X5
Stop X3

[edit] Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

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Fenrir is the name of Cloud Strife's motorcycle that makes its debut in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It also appears in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.

Cloud obtains Fenrir during the time between Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children. In On the Way to a Smile (Case of Tifa), Cloud trades a lifetime of free food and beverage at the new Seventh Heaven in exchange for the bike. The motorcycle allows him to travel further and faster, aiding his delivery service. He then uses money that he makes from his delivery service to add upgrades onto the bike, which include hidden components for his sword parts.

[edit] Final Fantasy IX

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Fenrir is one of Eiko's eidelons that she can learn to summon by equipping the Sapphire. Fenrir's normal action is to call Titan whose special attack is Terrestrial Rage, which deals Earth damage to all enemies. By equipping Eiko with the Maiden Prayer, however, Fenrir will instead use the special attack Millennial Decay, which deals Wind damage to all enemies.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

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Main Article: Fenrir (FFX)

Fenrir is a species conquest enemy that is fought in the Monster Arena.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII

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Fenrir in FFXII

Main Article: Fenrir (FFXII)

Fenrir appears in this game as a boss fight in the Pharos at Ridorana. It also is summoned during the hunt for Shadowseer.

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