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Final Fantasy Unlimited
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Directed by Mahiro Maeda
Studio Gonzo
Network TV Tokyo
Episodes 25

Final Fantasy: Unlimited is the first and only anime series made by Square. It follows the adventures of Ai and Yu Hayawaka, two 12-year old twin siblings on the search for lost parents in the mystical land of Wonderland. Because of low ratings, the show was canceled at 25 episodes, leaving 27 of the 52 planned episodes unaired. However, radio dramas and novels continued the series, which include Sou no Kizuna, Final Fantasy: Unlimited Before, Final Fantasy: Unlimited After, Final Fantasy: Unlimited After Spiral, and Final Fantasy: Unlimited After 2.

During their adventures, they are accompanied by a number of allies including Lisa Pacifist, a master of the Kigen Arts, Chobi, the energetic Chocobo, Lou Lupus, the last of her kind who can turn into werewolves by looking at their reflection, Kaze, an enigmatic man who can use Summons with a special gun called the MaGun, and the Comodeen, a rebel army fighting against Earl Tyrant and his Four Lords of Gaudiam in their floating castle of Gaudiam.


[edit] Plot

The series begins with Ai and Yu running around town towards an old train station to go to a land called Wonderland. When they reach the train station, they are greeted by the Ghost Train, the link between the their world and Wonderland. Shortly after they board, they meet Lisa Pacifist, whom Ai takes a quick suspicion to. The Ghost Train eventually stops at it's first destination - a seemingly normal place with a few exceptions - a play set that explodes into a millions of flies, and a home of strange bugs eating a meal. As they explore, Yu finds a strange yellow bird that he identifies as a Chocobo from his parents book on Wonderland, and tries to feed it. Ai, however, gets angry and calls it a waste of their supplies. The Chocobo then grabs one of Ai's pony tails and begins to swing her around wildly, which becomes a recurring joke throughout the series.

The Chocobo then runs away, and the trio give chase. However, they lose it and in turn find a strange man draped in black tangled in multiple roots. They ask his name, but he does not remember it. Before they could talk anymore, a giant crystal falls from a strange ship, and crash lands right on top of te man - seemingly killing him. Ai, Yu, and Lisa escape, however. The crystal then changes into a strange mushroom monster, who begins to attack them. However, Lisa uses her Kigen Arts to shoot the mushroom into the air. The mushroom was not defeated, however, and it shows it's true form. The creature, too big to use Kigen Arts on, begins to chase them, throwing them off a cliff and gets ready to end them. Lisa tried to bring them up when the man from before - identified as Kaze - appears. Yu calls for help, and a shiny capsule-like machine on his arm glows, followed by Kaze saying "it has moved."

[edit] Characters

[edit] Ai Hayakawa

is the female protagnist. She traveled with her brother, Yu to "Wonderland" in a search to find their parents. She seems to have an immediate appreciation for Poshepocket. She last appeared in 'Kaze: The Glory of Life."

[edit] Yu Hayakawa

is the younger brother of Ai Hayakawa. He is able to understand and interact with Chobi. He last appeared in "Kaze: The Glory of Life"

[edit] Lisa Pacifist

is the oldest of the trio of adventurers. She has the special ability to use the spirits and often uses her power to protect the siblings from dangers in 'Wonderland' The reason for Lisa's presence in Wonderland remains unknown. She last appeared in "Kaze: The Glory of Life"

[edit] Kaze

is a silent, mystery character who uses the weapon 'Magun'. Little of his backgrounds are known other than his ties with Makenshi. He last appeared in "Kaze: The Glory of Life"

[edit] Makenshi

is another mysterious figure whose appearance directly contrast that of Kaze's. He last appeared in "Kaze: The Glory of Life"

[edit] Chobi

is a yellow bird that resides in Wonderland. It offers assistance to Yu and companies due to its link with Yu

[edit] Poshepocket

is a creature who stores objects and spit them out.

[edit] Lou Lupus

is a little girl whose race posseces the ability to turn into werewolfs once exposed to the relection of their own eyes (she uses a mirror to induce the transformation manually during the course of the story). Her world was destroyed by Omega. She is infactuated with Kaze (but he does not return the affection) and is fatally wounded during the final battle to protect Kaze.

[edit] Comodeen

A rebel group against Earl Tyrant

[edit] Knave

is the leader of the Comodeen

[edit] Miles

is a high command female officer in the Comodeen who also might have an attraction towards Cid

[edit] Cid

is an inventor of everything who becomes extremely violent if his treasured inventions are messed with.

[edit] Episode List

[edit] Phase 1

1 - Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness
2 - Magun: Man of the Black Wind
3 - Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent
4 - Makenshi: The White Etude

[edit] Phase 2

5 - Cid: The Adventure of the Underground Waterway
6 - Kigen Arts: The Saviour of Souls
7 - Subway: Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel
8 - Soil: The Heart of the Magun

[edit] Phase 3

9 - Oscha: The Endless Project
10 - Mansion: The Memory of Sagiso
11 - Ciel: The Departure of Chocobo
12 - Fungus: Eternal Life

[edit] Phase 4

13 - Meteor: Abominable Memory
14 - Omega: Reunion and Departure
15 - Jane: The Moving Ocean Puzzle
16 - Kigen Dragon: Behind the Smile

[edit] Phase 5

17 - Frog: The Smallest Great Adventure
18 - Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo
19 - Ai: Meeting with Clear

[edit] Phase 6

20 - Yu: The Secret of Gaudium
21 - Cactus: The Wandering Sea
22 - Moogle: Long Lost Memories

[edit] Phase 7

23 - Teros: In Search of Flying Water
24 - Chaos: The Earl Unveiled
25 - Kaze: The Glory of Life

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