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Final Fantasy Type-0
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Alternative Title(s):
Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Series: Final Fantasy
Fabula Nova Crystallis
Native Resolution:
Platform: Playstation Portable (PSP)
Release Date(s): *[JP] October 27, 2011
Genre(s): Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Mode(s): Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating(s): Ratings Pending
Media: 2 UMD discs

Final Fantasy Type-0 is one of the newest installments in the Final Fantasy franchise coming to the Playstation Portable as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. Square Enix is currently still on development of this game.

Originally, Type-0 was titled "Final Fantasy Agito XIII", but in January 2011 the "XIII" was dropped and the game renamed.


[edit] Plot

The game will center around a group of students who attend a magic academy named Peristerium School of Magic. The school is part of a larger world called Oriens. A militaristic nation, the Milites Empire, has begun invading its neighboring countries. They eventually are hindered by a small island nation said to possess a crystal. A group of students from the magic academy called Class Zero attempt to restore the crystal.

[edit] Gameplay

The game will utilize CG cutscenes and a world map. The leveling system is called Alto Crystarium, and will be used to learn magical abilities. Enemies drop Phantoma when they are defeated, which can be used to restore magic or used in the Alto Crystarium to enhance magic.

There are three elements of magic: Fire, Ice, and Thunder. There are five types of magic attacks: Shotgun (SHG), Rifle (RF), Bomb (BOM), Missile (MIS), and Rocket Launcher (ROK). SHG is effective in close-range and multiple heights. RF aims straight and reaches long, but narrow distances. BOM works best in a character's surrounding area, best effective against smaller and more agile enemies. MIS locks onto a target and detonates when it is close to the foe. Finally, ROK can be aimed in any direction, and will explode upon impact.

The school has a Chocobo Ranch, allowing the player to breed chocobos. There are also several airships in the game, and the player will eventually have control of one to travel freely through the world.

[edit] Battle System

Battle system

No detailed information has been released as of yet, but the battle system will be similar to that of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core except designed for party mechanics. Each character will possess a special summon, similar to Final Fantasy XIII.

[edit] Multiplayer

This game will feature a multiplayer system where players can assist another player in battle. Hosts can toggle the multiplayer off during missions if they don't want other players joining their game.

[edit] Characters


The cast of Type-0 consists of 12 youths who attend a magic academy called Class Zero. Some of the characters:

  • Ace - the main protagonist, Ace wields a deck of cards as his weapon
  • Deuce - a brunette girl that wields a flute
  • Trey - a blonde boy that wields a bow
  • Cater - a red-haired girl that wields a magic gun
  • Cinque - a brunette girl that wields a mace
  • Sice - a blonde girl that wields a scythe
  • Seven - a silver-haired girl that wields an extending flail whip
  • Eight - a male, brunet martial artist
  • Nine - a blonde boy who wields a spear
  • Jack - a blonde boy who wields a katana
  • Queen - a black-haired girl with glasses who wields a longsword
  • King - a blonde boy that wields dual handguns

The other members of Class Zero are Rem Tokimiya and Machina Kunagiri (Also playable). The group is also assisted by a moogle named Mog.

Other characters include:

Suzaku Academy


Kingdom of Concordia


Summons seen in the trailer include:

[edit] Additional Information

Original logo under the title "Agito"

Originally slated to be released for mobile phones, Square Enix announced the decision to move the game exclusively to the PSP platform. The name was originally Final Fantasy Agito XIII, but renamed in January 2011.

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