Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise

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Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise is a novella depicting the events prior to Final Fantasy XIII. It was released on the web in Japanese, with only fan translations available in English. The novella is divided into seven parts: Encounter, Stranger, Treasure (Family), Search, Friends, Present, and Tomorrow.


[edit] Part I: Encounter

Encounter introduces Lightning, and her first encounter with NORA and Snow Villiers.

[edit] Part II: Stranger

Stranger depicts Fang and Vanille's awakening from crystal stasis.

[edit] Part III: Treasure (Family)

Treasure (Family) describes the actions of Sazh and his son Dajh, and how they deal with the realization that Dajh has become a l'Cie.

[edit] Part IV: Search

Search depicts how Fang and Vanille become separated from each other, and follows Fang as she meets Cid Raines and agrees to join him.

[edit] Part V: Friends

Friends follows Hope Estheim as he tours Euride with his mother, and remembers a class trip with his friends.

[edit] Part VI: Present

Present describes Serah and Snow searching for a birthday present for Lightning.

[edit] Part VII: Tomorrow

Tomorrow explains how Fang and Vanille became l'Cie, and depicts what happens to Vanille after she was separated from Fang.

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