Finest Fantasy for Advance

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Finest Fantasy for Advance is the name given to the compilation of the four Final Fantasy games released on the GBA. Games included in this compilation are:

These games, excluding Dawn of Souls, have new bonus dungeons accessible after the main story, and has in them new weapons, monsters, bosses, jobs (FFV), Espers (FFVI), and challenges. Dawn of Souls is different then the others in a number of ways. In Final Fantasy I, four new dungeons are opened, each having to do with the four elements of the crystals (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind), and have bosses from FFIII, FFIV, FFV, and FFVI in them. In Final Fantasy II, instead of a bonus dungeon, once the main story is complete, a Soul of Rebirth quest will be opened in the title screen menu, and covers the adventures of four warriors who died during the main story.

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