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Frog Catching is a mini-game in Final Fantasy IX. All around the world are four locations called Qu's Marsh. Each Marsh follows a similar look and in each Marsh is a number of frogs that Quina Quen is able to capture (s/he must be in your party). The more frogs captured, the more prizes received from Master Quale. Most importantly, this is the only way to get Quina's ultimate weapon. When a frog is captured, its gender is revealed. This is important as it allows the breeding process to be sped up so the frogs will repopulate the Marsh more quickly. In each Marsh, the fastest way for the frogs to reproduce would be to leave the Gold Frog along with a male and female frog.

[edit] Prizes

2 Frogs - Ore
5 Frogs - Ether
9 Frogs - Silk Robe
15 Frogs - Elixir
23 Frogs - Silver Fork
33 Frogs - Bistro Fork
45 Frogs - Battle Boots
99 Frogs - Gastro Fork (Ultimate Weapon)

Once Quina reaches 99 frogs, Master Quale will appear and challenge the party to a fight. Defeat him to receive the Gastro Fork. Frog Drop is a Blue Magic ability Quina can learn by eating a Gigan Toad (found in the Marsh). This magic spell is connected to the amount of Frogs you have caught. The more frogs you have and the higher Quina's battle level is, will increase the damage the spell does.

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