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Fusoa, or FuSoYa, is a player character in the game Final Fantasy IV. He is a Lunarian from The Moon, and it is his job to watch over the sleep of the Lunarians. He is the brother of KluYa, and is thus the uncle of both Cecil Harvey and Golbez. He is the oldest and wisest character in the game.

[edit] Final Fantasy IV

FuSoYa was supposed to watch over the Lunar Sleep. However, a Lunarian named Zemus wanted to destroy the Earth so the Lunarians could take it over. FuSoYa waited on The Moon for the one who would help defeat Zemus to arrive. This person just happened to be Cecil, who was accompanied by Rydia, Rosa Farrell, and Edge Geraldine at the time. FuSoYa told them of Zemus' plan. Zemus was gathering the Crystals in order to activate the Giant of Bab-il, which was a wish granting giant who would destroy the world on command. He told the party that Zemus was manipulating Golbez in order to achieve this goal. He then told the party to return to the Tower of Bab-il in order to stop the Giant. However, because it was shielded, FuSoYa joined the party in order to deactivate it.

[edit] Special Abilites

  • Bless: Restore MP to the party over a period of time
  • White Magic: Use white magic
  • Black Magic: Use black magic spells

[edit] Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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