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In the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Gaia is the name of the Planet (which originally was unnamed). It is made up of three large continents, several large islands, and many smaller islands. It also includes locations underwater.


[edit] World Map

World Map of Gaia as it appears in Final Fantasy VII

[edit] Eastern Continent

[edit] Midgar

FFVII World Map Midgar.jpg

Main Article: Midgar

Midgar is the technological center of the Planet, located to the west on the easternmost continent. As it is the home of Shinra Headquarters, it serves as one of the significant locations of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Eventually being destroyed during the Meteor incident, Midgar is no longer active post-FFVII, but does serve as a center for key events.

[edit] Kalm

FFVII World Map Kalm.jpg

Main Article: Kalm

Kalm is a small village, located on the easternmost continent, and to the northeast of Midgar. There are several homes, shops, and an inn. Early in the game, Cloud recalls his version of the events that occured in Nibelheim five years prior.

[edit] Chocobo Farm

FFVII World Map Chocobo Farm.jpg

The Chocobo Farm is a small chocobo ranch owned by Choco Billy, located in the east of the eastern continent.

In FFVII, the player can raise and breed chocobos for racing here for a price. This is one of the only locations to purchase greens.

In Crisis Core, the Chocobo Farm serves as the backdrop for several side missions.

For more information, see Chocobo Breeding & Racing.

[edit] Mythril Mine

The Mythril Mine is used as an extraction location of Mythril by the people of Kalm, but the presence of a Midgar Zolem prevents further excavation. The location is only accessible in the original game, serving as a passageway through the mountains.

[edit] Fort Condor

Main Article: Fort Condor

Fort Condor is a fort located near the southern tip of the easternmost continent. In FFVII, a condor and its egg sit atop the mako reactor. The natives of the fort also have small shops set up. Fort Condor serves as a base for a minigame, whereby the player must keep Shinra from reaching the Huge Materia at the top.

[edit] Junon

Main Article: Junon

Junon is one of the major cities of Gaia, located to the west of the eastern continent. In lower Junon, there are many homes and access to the beach. Upper Junon is packed with tall building and shops.

[edit] Underwater Reactor

The Underwater Reactor is located just off the coast of Junon, accessible by submarine or through Shinra’s Junon base.

In FFVII, this is the initiation of the submarine mini-game, at which time the party is chasing the Huge Materia.

[edit] Edge

Main Article: Edge

Edge is a new city build north of the ruins of Midgar between the events of FFVII and Advent Children.

[edit] Healen Lodge

Healen Lodge appears only in Advent Children, and while the specific location is undetermined, it is known to be located on the eastern continent. Rufus Shinra uses the lodge as his place of retreat after Meteorfall, and where he battles the effects of Geostigma.

[edit] Western Continent

[edit] Costa del Sol

Main Article: Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol serves as a resort beach, located on the eastern border of the continent. There is an inn and some shops.

[edit] North Corel

Main Article: North Corel

North Corel is a new settlement inhabited by the survivors of the destroyed Corel. It is located in a small niche of Mt Corel on the center of the continent. Most people that travel to North Corel are passing through on their way to the Gold Saucer.

[edit] Mt Corel

Mt Corel is a mountain range that runs through the center of the western continent. The only access to the mountains is through North Corel. The abandoned Mako Reactor still stands here, and the only means of transportation through the mountains is to walk along the railway tracks.

[edit] Gold Saucer

The Gold Saucer is a giant amusement park created by Shinra over the ruins of Old Corel. It is in the center of the continent surrounded by desert sands. The only way to reach the Gold Saucer is by the cable car in North Corel.

In FFVII, The Gold Saucer is a playground of mini-games for the player, and where you pick up Cait Sith to join your party. The center of the Gold Saucer serves as a transportation station to the several locations within. The locations include Speed Square, Battle Square, Chocobo Square, Ghost Square, Event Square, Round Square, and Wonder Square.

In the player’s second visit to the Gold Saucer, a famous date scene takes place between Cloud and one of the other central characters. It can be Aerith, Tifa, Barret, or Yuffie depending on the player’s actions throughout the game. During the ride on the gondola, some short FMVs are shown to display the beauty and amazement of the Gold Saucer.

[edit] Corel Prison

Main Article: Corel Prison

Corel Prison is located beneath the Gold Saucer and is the remains of Old Corel. There are some remains of the town that litter the landscape of the prison. The prison is run by Dyne, Barret’s old friend. The only escape for a prisoner is to win in a chocobo race in the Gold Saucer.

[edit] Gongaga

Main Article: Gongaga

Gongaga is a small village located on the southern edge of the continent. It is also the hometown of Zack Fair. There are some shops and an inn here as well.

[edit] Cosmo Canyon

Main Article: Cosmo Canyon

Cosmo Canyon is Red XIII’s hometown, and is located in the southeast of the western continent. It mainly serves as a center for those who wish to study the life of the Planet.

[edit] Cave of the Gi

The only entrance to the Cave of the Gi is located in Cosmo Canyon. The entrance is sealed by Bugenhagen, but is later opened up for exploration when Bugenhagen shows Red XIII the truth about his father, Seto.

[edit] Nibelheim

Main Article: Nibelheim

Nibelheim is a small, quiet village located just south of Mt Nibel, and the hometown of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart. There is an inn, an item shops, and several small homes.

[edit] Shinra Mansion

As the name suggests, Shinra Mansion is a mansion in Nibelheim owned by the Shinra Company. Prior to the events of the game, the basement is a lab used by Hojo to carry out experiments with Jenova cells. After failing to protect Lucrecia, Vincent sealed himself away in a coffin in the basement for about thirty years.

[edit] Mt. Nibel

Mt. Nibel is the mountain range north of Nibelheim. There is a Mako Reactor located here, and the famous reactor to have housed the body of Jenova.

[edit] Rocket Town

Main Article: Rocket Town

Rocket Town is a small village that has formed around a failed rocket launch site, and is north of Mt. Nibel. There are several small shops and homes in the area. It is also the hometown of Cid Highwind.

[edit] Ancient Forest

The Ancient Forest just southeast of Cosmo Canyon, and is a hidden location on the map. For more information, see Side Quests & Extras (FFVII).

[edit] Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave, also known as Lucrecia’s Cave, is a small cave southeast of Nibelheim in the center of the continent. Inside is a woman trapped within Mako crystals, Lucrecia Crescent.

In FFVII, the party can visit the cave to learn through flashbacks the origins of Sephiroth through Hojo’s experiments performed on him prior to birth. The player also learns that Lucrecia is Sephiroth’s birth mother.

In Dirge of Cerberus, it is revealed through flashbacks that since the end of FFVII, Vincent has visited the cave several times to speak with Lucrecia. It is clarified that Lucrecia encased herself in the crystal because of her guilt over Sephiroth and Vincent.

[edit] Gelnika

Only available in FFVII, the Gelnika is a sunken airplane located underwater off the coast to the east of the Gold Saucer. Gelnika, shot down by one of the WEAPONs, was a weapons transport plane for Shinra, whose plan was to destroy Sephiroth. For more information, see Side Quests & Extras (FFVII).

[edit] Northern Continent

[edit] Bone Village

Main Article: Bone Village

Bone Village is a small archeological village located along the south shores of the northern continent. There is a small shop here as well.

[edit] Sleeping Forest

The Sleeping Forest is a small forest between Bone Village and the Forgotten Capital. The only way to enter is with the Lunar Harp through Bone Village.

[edit] Forgotten Capital

The Forgotten Capital, also called Forgotten City or City of the Ancients, is a city in ruins located north of Bone Village. The only way to reach the city is through the Sleeping Forest. There are several houses here that resemble conch shells. Below the city is an altar, raised above a pool of water.

Long before the events of FFVII, the Forgotten Capital was the center of Cetra life before the arrival of Jenova.

In FFVII, the party travels to the Forgotten Capital in search of Aerith. When they find her, she is at the altar praying. Under Sephiroth’s control, Cloud raises his sword to Aerith, but is able to break free from the control before killing her. Without his puppet, Sephiroth does the deed himself in one of the most popular FMVs of the game.

In Advent Children, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo use the Forgotten Capital as their base. They bring the children here. After saving Cloud, Vincent tells him that he found Tseng and Elena here tortured.

[edit] Icicle Inn

Main Article: Icicle Inn

Icicle Inn is a small, snowy town amongst the mountains of the northern continent. It is the birthplace of Aerith Gainsborough. There are some small shops and homes here.

[edit] Great Glacier

The Great Glacier is a large mountain with freezing temperatures located north of Icicle Inn. The only things dotting the snowy landscape are trees and rocks. The winding and repetitive paths make it easy to get lost here. There is a small cabin in the north inhabited by Mr. Holzoff.

[edit] Gaea’s Cliff

Gaea’s Cliff is the edge outside of the Northern Crater kept in extremely frozen temperatures. There is a series of caves that allow the party to climb to the top.

[edit] Northern Crater

The Northern Crater is a large impact site created centuries ago by Jenova, and is the northernmost area on the map. The only way to get inside the crater is to climb Gaea’s Cliff. Inside, there are many floods of mako due to the fact that the Planet tries to heal its wound. There is a maze of caves as the internal structure.

In FFVII, Sephiroth has sealed himself away in the Northern Crater and uses the Lifestream to create and control clones throughout the Planet. He uses the crater as the site of his Reunion, summoning clones and Cloud to him. After receiving the Black Materia, Sephiroth creates an energy barrier around the Northern Crater and summons Meteor. Rufus Shinra is able to use the Sister Ray to destroy the shield, allowing the party to reenter. There, the party battles Sephiroth in three forms before finally defeating him.

In Advent Children, the Northern Crater is featured in the opening sequence, being searched by the Turks. They manage to retrieve a part of Jenova, but Elena and Tseng are captured by Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo.

[edit] Modeoheim

Modeoheim is a small abandoned town located to the south of Icicle Inn, only featured in Crisis Core. It is on the way to Modeoheim that Zack and Cloud first meet. Later, after defeating his mentor, Angeal, Zack is given the Buster Sword.

[edit] Chocobo Sage’s House

The Chocobo Sage’s House is a small cabin hidden amongst the mountains of the northern continent. For more information, see Side Quests & Extras (FFVII).

[edit] Other Locations

[edit] Wutai

Main Article: Wutai

Wutai is a village located on the large island to the west of the western continent. It is the only town on the island, and has several shops and homes. There is a large mountain, called Da Chao, carved in the shape of five gods to the north of the town. This is Yuffie Kisaragi’s hometown, and her father, Godo, is the leader.

[edit] Temple of the Ancients

The Temple of the Ancients is an old temple located on the island southwest of the eastern continent. The internal structure resembles an extensive maze of paths and rooms. One of the rooms resembles a clock, and the central room of the temple has pictures drawn on the walls by the Ancients that depict the ultimate destructive magic, Meteor. The only way to enter the temple is with the Keystone. The area becomes a crater after Cloud’s party turns the temple into the Black Materia.

In FFVII, the party visits the temple in their chase of Sephiroth. After finding their way into the central chamber, they encounter him and learn of Meteor. Cait Sith then sacrifices his robotic body to complete the puzzle to turn the temple into the Black Materia. However, a new Cait Sith arrives shortly after to join the party.

[edit] Mideel

Main Article: Mideel

Mideel is a small town located on the southernmost island on the map below the eastern continent. There are many shops and a clinic in the town. The Lifestream flows near the surface of this town, but is later destroyed when the Lifestream overflows.

[edit] Banora Village

Banora is a small village located on the same island as Mideel only featured in Crisis Core. It is the hometown of Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsados, who grew up as friends in the village. A very unique type of apple grows here called the Banora Apple that the residents refer to as the “dumbapple” due to the fact that they grow and are harvested at random times in the year. The town is eventually destroyed by Shinra to cover up Genesis’ activities.

After the burning of the village, a secret underground chamber is discovered that houses the Goddess Materia. However, Genesis uses the materia and the Lifestream to turn into the Genesis Avatar, only to be defeated by Zack. Zack then takes him above ground, and Genesis is taken away by two SOLDIER members only to resurface at the end of Dirge of Cerberus as "G".

[edit] Goblin Island

Goblin Island is a small, forested island located to the northeast of the eastern continent inhabited by goblins.

[edit] Round Island

Round Island is a small island located in the northeast corner of the map and encircled by a small mountain range. It has a secret materia cave at its center.

[edit] Materia Caves

There are several secret materia caves scattered on the Planet that each contain a valuable piece of materia. For more information, see Side Quests & Extras (FFVII).

[edit] WRO Headquarters

The WRO (World Regenesis Organization) Headquarters is only featured in Dirge of Cerberus, and its location is never specified. It is a solid building with several floors. Eventually, the HQ suffers an attack by Deepground that largely damages the front lobby. The WRO obtains Shelke during this time.

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