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Gau by Amano
Age 13
Birthplace Near Lethe River
Gender Male
Job Feral Child
Skill Rage
Limit Break None
Gau is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy VI. Gau was born slightly North of the Lethe River. His mother died after giving birth to him, which drove his faster insane. Because of this, he threw Gau onto the Veldt and abandoned him from a young age. Gau somehow managed to survive and adapted into the wild, learning animal traits to survive. His father would suffer from dementia later on and forget that he had a wife or child in the first place, and continued to live his life without knowledge of his family. Gau finds Cyan and Sabin washed up on the Lethe River, and drags them out, then flees.
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When Cyan and Sabin wake up, the see the feral child, and pay no attention to him the first few times. After a few more encounters, Gau demands food, and Sabin gives him a piece of raw meat. Gau eats it and helps them reach Narshe through a trench down the river that eventually took them to Nikeah, which they took the fare to Narshe.

In the World of Ruin, Gau wishes to see his father one more, and so he disguises himself, with the help of the party, and goes to check up on him, with Sabin as the "father". Gau encounters his father, but he doesn't recognize him, however he does compliment Sabin on raising such a nice and well mannered child.

Gau has the ability to learn attacks from all the monsters he encounters during combat. He is your Blue Mage of the game, and has the highest strength stat in the game. Gau's Rage works in the way that he can transform his battle pattern after any monster he defeats. The issue is, once he sets that attribute, he is stuck with that Monster's attack pattern for the remainder of the battle, unless he's KO'd.

[edit] Quotes

"I'm Gau! I'm your friend! Let's travel together!"
"Mr. Thou! Mr. Thou!"

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