General's Tank

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General's Tank
Location Junon
Chapters 7
Missions 3-2-3
Class Tank

General's Tank is a boss fight from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core that appears in the Central Tunnel - Level 6 of Lower Junon. It also appears in Mission 3-2-3.

[edit] Stats

Level HP (Normal) MP
26 26860 0
Attack Vitality Magic Spirit Luck
32 175 18 40 20
Exp SP Gil
918 1 336
Fire Ice Thunder
- - -
Poison Silence Stun Stop
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Gravity Death Blast Wave Zantetsuken
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Recovery Time Stagger Interrupt Float
2.3s 5 no no
Drop Bronze Bangle (normal), Bulletproof Vest (rare)
Steal HP Mako Stone (normal), Power Attack (rare)
Effects -

[edit] Strategy

The Support Machines pose minimal threat and can be eliminated with an Assault Twister+ or a few swings of the sword. After they're gone, focus on avoiding the cannon by running around to the back. Swing away for critical hits. You can also throw some Firaga or Thundaga its way if you want. General's Tank may summon more of the Support Machines so just dispose of them quickly and continue focusing on the tank.

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