Genesis's Interception

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Genesis's Interception
Mission No.: 9-1-1
Navigation: Great Cavern of Wonder->
Invitation to the Underground->
Genesis's Interception
Prerequisite: Complete Mission 9-1-3
Reward: High Jump
Unlocks: Mission 9-1-5

Genesis's Interception is a mission from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. For a complete list, visit Missions (FFVII:CC).


[edit] Introduction

We are still unsure of Genesis's goals, but the fact that he has deployed troops to these caves indicates that something inside interests him. Eliminate Genesis's forces while exploring the caves.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Chests

  • Adamantite (southwest)
  • Phoenix Down (south)
  • Crystal Bracelet (south)
  • Mythril (north)
  • Shinra Beta (north)

[edit] Strategy

From the starting point, head west and grab the Adamantite chest. Then proceed east and take the valuable Phoenix Down. Continue east past the intersection and grab the Crystal Bracelet chest. Go back to the intersection and head north until you find the Mythril chest. Continue following the path that leads east and take the Shinra Beta. Keep going east until you find the boss. Unleash an Assault Twister+ on the G Paladins. Then use your strongest Hell- magic on them once or twice. Use regular critical attacks to finish them off.

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