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Gil Snapper
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Gil Snapper is a monster and an Elite Mark from Final Fantasy XII.


[edit] Stats

Level HP MP Strength Magic Pwr Vitality
37 86596 999 35 24 77
Speed Attack Pwr Defense Magic Res Evasion Exp
12 55 22 23 0 0
20 3830 0
Elemental Properties
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Holy Dark
1/2 Absorb Weak 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2
Drop Steal Poach
None 1000 gil (common)
2000 gil (uncommon)
4000 gil (rare)
Other Info
Immunities Achilles, Addle, Berserk, Charm, Death, Disable, Doom, Gravity, Lure, Numerology, Petrify, Poison, Reverse, Sap, Sight Unseeing, Sleep, Stop, Syphon, Warp, Wither
Attacks/Abilities Blizzaga, Blizzara, Disablega, Flash, Flatten, Meditate, Purify
Other -

[edit] Bestiary Entry

NO.: 248



[edit] Description

Being a Giant Titantoise called the "Gil Snapper" for the high Price its Shell fetches at Market.

In the Past, lawless Hunters overhunted the Snapper, and thus enraged, the Titantoises struck back, assaulting innocent Villagers and all else resembling their Foes. One such Snapper was caught by a Village Elder and Sealed within a Jar, but the weakening of the Magicks placed upon it set it free, and so was this Mark petitioned.

[edit] Hunt Information

Hunt Details
Name Paradise Risen
No. 36
Location Giza Plains - The Rains/Tracks of the Beast
Petitioner Nanau (Giza Plains - The Rains/Crystal Glade)
Reward 3000 gil, Phobos Glaze
Bonus -

[edit] Make a Path

You'll notice that you can't get to the area where Gil Snapper is supposed to be, so you'll have to make your own path. There are six dead, white trees in Giza Plains that you can cut down to create a bridge. The trees are in the following sections of the Plains: Crystal Glade, Throne Road, Nomad Village, Giza's North Bank, Toam Hills, and Starfall Field. After cutting down the trees, head to Giza's South Bank to find the bridge and cross it.

[edit] Strategy

When you speak to the petitioner, you will receive the Silent Urn to capture the beast inside (which is automatic when you kill Gil Snapper). Also, you will receive the aid of Bansat in this battle. Gil Snapper will only appear in heavy rainfall, so you may have to exit and reenter the area a couple times in order to have the proper weather. Cast Dispel immediately on Gil Snapper to remove Haste, Protect, and Shell. Then toss Slow, Silence, and Blind on the beast. Gil Snapper will use Flatten, which can instantly KO a party member. Keep your party members separated and use ranged weapons and Thunder (or preferably Thundara) to take down Gil Snapper.

Note: When you return to find the petitioner, you'll instead find a letter that tells you to come back during The Dry. You'll need to do that to receive your reward.

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