Gloves (FFVIII)

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[edit] Gloves

Metal Knuckle

[edit] Metal Knuckle

  • Attack Power: 12
  • Hit: 98
  • Cost: 100 gil
  • Magazine: March Weapons Monthly

Items Required:
4x M-Stone Piece
1x Fish Fin


[edit] Maverick

  • Attack Power: 15
  • Hit: 99
  • Cost: 200 gil
  • Magazine: April Weapons Monthly

Items Required:
1x Dragon Fin
1x Spider Web


[edit] Gauntlet

  • Attack Power: 20
  • Hit: 101
  • Cost:400 gil
  • Magazine: June Weapons Monthly

Items Required:
1x Dragon Skin
1x Fury Fragment


[edit] Ehrgeiz

  • Attack Power: 25
  • Hit: 103
  • Cost: 800 gil
  • Magazine: August Weapons Monthly

Items Required:
1x Adamantine
1x Fury Fragment
4x Dragon Skin

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