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Godo Kisaragi is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VII. He is the leader of Wutai and Yuffie Kisaragi's father.

Prior to the events of the game, Wutai was engaged in a war with the Shinra Electric Power Company who wanted to build a Mako Reactor near the village. Godo led Wutai against Shinra, but eventually lost the battle, largely due to Shinra's massive forces. Materia was banned in Wutai, and the village became a tourist attraction. This infuriated his daughter, Yuffie, and led her on a quest to gather materia to restore Wutai to its former glory. Her father's unwillingness to fight any further is cause for some discord between them, but after she battles him in the pagoda, he reveals that he, too, shares her obsession with materia.


[edit] Boss Battle

FFVII Godo Battle.jpg

Godo is fought as a boss as part of the side quest Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods. The Enemy Skill "Trine" can be learned from Godo.

[edit] Stats

Level HP MP
41 10000 1000
Attack Defense Magic Mag Def Dexterity Evasion
70 60 45 100 68 1
AP Exp Gil
60 5000 40000
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Water Wind
- - - - - -
Gravity Poison Holy
- - -
Death Sadness Slow Slow-numb Berserk
Immune - - Immune Immune
Near-death Fury Stop Petrify Paralysis
- - Immune Immune Immune
Sleep Confusion Frog Death Sent Darkness
Immune Immune Immune Immune -
Poison Silence Small Manipulate
- Immune Immune Immune
Drop Steal Morph
All Creation - -
Abilities Beast Sword, Bio2, Demi3, Drain, Trine

[edit] Strategy

Since Godo is the last boss in the pagoda, expect him to be the most difficult. Pre-equip Yuffie with the Enemy Skill Materia if you haven't already learned the enemy skill "Trine". Also link the Gravity materia with the HP Absorb materia. Godo will occasionally cast Cure2 on himself, but continue your attacks steadily and it only serves to prolong the battle. Start the battle by casting Poison on Godo. Use Demi on Godo, and you will heal Yuffie at the same time. Use your limit breaks as they come up and this battle will be won.

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[edit] Quotes

"Strength without determination means nothing... determination without strength is equally useless!" (FFVII)
"Go! Survive till the end! And return! With the Materia!" (FFVII)

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