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Race: Human
Age:  ??
Job: Dark Knight
Party Situation: Guest and later Enemy.
Quick description: A Traitor hired by the Hokuten.

Ser Goffard Gaffgarion (or Gaff Gafgarion in the original) is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. He is a Fell Knight sellsword hired by the Dycedarg Beoulve of the Northern Sky to kill Princess Ovelia, who was in Duke Larg's way of becoming Regent of Ivalice in the name of Prince Orinus, while acting as a "guard" for her.


[edit] Final Fantasy Tactics

Goffard accepts a job from Agrias Oaks, Ovelia's bodyguard, who was completely unaware of Gaffgarion's mission. Gaffgarion, accompanied by Kidd and Ramza Beoulve (the main character) arrive at Orbonne Monastery, where they are attacked by Knights of the Northern Sky, disguised as Southern Sky Knights and stage a battle as a distraction while Delita Herial, who was also in on the plan (but planning to double cross them for his own gain), slipped into the back door of the Monastery before Agrias could help her. Agrias, with Gaffgarion acting as a co-leader, set out with Kidd, Ramza, as well as Alicia and Lavian (two Knights that assistant in the staged battle) to rescue her. Ramza, recognizing Delita, also searches for him.

At Zeirchele Falls, Delita, who has revealed his plans, as well as Ovelia, are surrounded by Northern Sky Knights, who are attempting to kill Ovelia. Agrias, Gaffgarion, and Ramza arrive, and the situation seemed under control, until Gaffgarion reveals his true mission: kill Ovelia in the name of the Northern Sky. However, Ramza, loyal to Agrias, attacks Gaffgarion, with Kidd tagging along. Ramza defeats Gaffgarion, who retreats for the time being.

His retreat would be a short one, however, as Ramza and Agrias and new recruit Mustadio Bunansa make their way to Golgollada Gallows, where a fake Ovelia is set up to be "executed". Taking the bait, they rush straight into a trap, where the "Executioner" reveals himself to be Gaffgarion, and "Ovelia" is an Archer. Despite the powerful ambush, Gaffgarion is defeated once more, and retreats back to Lionel Castle where he readies yet another strike.

As the party arrives at the gates of Lionel, Ramza makes his way to the top of the wall, where he prepares to open the gate for his men. However, Gaffgarion ambushes them yet again, leaving Ramza's men to fend for themselves against Gaffgarion's men while Ramza and Gaffgarion, who are separated by the gate, battle one-on-one, only one living at the end. Gaffgarion proves to be a challenge to Ramza with his Shadowblade, however, Ramza prevails, killing Gaffgarion and opening the gate for his men.

[edit] Battle Style

During battle, Gaffgarion uses the Shadowblade Fell Knight ability, which deals heavy damage and gives the HP to him. Because no MP is used for this ability, Gaffgarion uses it as his signature attack, giving the party the edge over the battles he fights with them. When he reveals himself, however, he causes a frustrating challenge for the player.

Gaffgarion's abilities are also used by Argath Thadalfus as a Deathknight in War of the Lions.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Goffard appears as a Legendary character.

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