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Gogo by Amano
Age unknown
Birthplace unknown
Job Mime
Skill Mimic
Limit Break X-Meteo

Gogo is one of the main playable characters in Final Fantasy VI. Gogo is quite a mysterious character. First appearing as a Boss in Final Fantasy V, he rejoins the series as a secret playable character in VI. Gogo lives in the stomach of the Zone Eater that appears on Triangle Island. In order to encounter Gogo and recruit him, the party has to be eaten by the Zone Eater, and make their way to the room where Gogo awaits.

Gogo Avatar.jpg

In battle, Gogo has below average stats and can equip even less items. He can only equip the same Maces and Rods that Strago and Relm can alongside with a few daggers and other Mage gear. In terms of stat growth he is also not that great, and you will be asking yourself why you would want to use him in the first place. Where Gogo lacks in stats and equipment, he excels in abilities. Gogo is a Mime, and can therefore Mimic any last action in combat, be it ally, or enemy, without the cost of MP, inputting commands, item usage, or any restriction set. Gogo's Mimic ability is also the only way to use an Esper more than once in the same battle.

Gogo can also be fully customizable with whatever input commands you wish to give him, from Fight, to Magic, to Item, and so on. The only commands he cannot use are Trance, Magitek, Health, Possess and Shock. Gogo also has access too all the Magic spells the party knows, and can use them at will during combat without having to fully learn them all. However, Gogo fighting by himself will render him almost completely useless however, and for him to use his Limit Break, the Fight command has to be on him.

[edit] Quotes

"I am GOGO, master of the simulacrum... My miming skills will astonish you."

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