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The Gold Saucer is a playground of mini games in Final Fantasy VII, and the only way to get there is via the cable car in North Corel. The entrance fee each time you go is 3,000 gil, or you can buy a lifetime pass for 30,000 gil. It is advisable to purchase the lifetime pass because you will probably be coming back here often, especially if you plan to breed and race chocobos. The Gold Saucer mini games use GP, not gil, to play. The save point just outside the entrance even costs 5 GP to use. Occasionally, there is a man at the entrance that will exchange gil for GP at a rate of 1 GP/100 gil.

There are seven Squares: Speed Square, Battle Square, Chocobo Square, Wonder Square, Ghost Square, Event Square, and Round Square. These areas are all connected, so you can go to any square from any other square you are in, or return to the Station.


[edit] Speed Square

At the Speed Square, you can play Speed Run for 10 GP. This mini game is like a roller coaster ride where you must target and shoot at various "enemies" to earn points. There is a giant UFO at the end as the "boss battle". Use Alt text to fire your laser and the directional buttons to move the target. A gauge indicates how much power you have. If you hold down the button, the laser will continuously shoot and the gauge will empty, meaning you have no fire power. You must then wait for it to rise again before you can shoot. A wiser strategy would be to tap the button as necessary instead of holding it down.

Based on how many points you earn (and which disc you are on), you will win a prize. Note: The weapons can only be won one time.

3000-4999 points = 1/35 SOLDIER, Super Sweeper, or Masamune Blade

5000+ (Disc 1) = Umbrella

5000+ (Disc 2 or 3) = Flayer

[edit] Battle Square

Note: This mini game is involved in the side quest Cloud’s Omnislash.

"The Brave Do Not Fear the Grave"

The Battle Arena costs 10 GP to play. In this arena, one of your characters (of your choice), can enter into a set of eight random battles with monsters featured throughout the game for a cost of 10 GP. The battles increase in difficulty as you go. Also, after each battle, you will receive the choice to stop or continue ("Off [sic] Course!"). If you choose to continue, a spinning slots will appear at the bottom of the screen. Pressing Alt text will stop the slots, and will result in a special condition for the next battle. After each set, you will receive battle points (BP) that can be exchanged for prizes (which depend on where you are in the story). If you quit or lose, you will only receive a consolation prize, and will not be rewarded with BP. It is also advisable to pre-equip whichever character you plan on sending in with your best accessories, weapons, armor, and materia. Also, make sure you have a healthy supply of various items.

[edit] Slots Effects

In between battles, a slots reel will start spinning. Press Alt text to stop it. You will then be given a certain effect proceeding into the next battle. Note that status ailments can be negated with the proper equipment (a Ribbon will prevent all three). Also, you will receive more BP for trudging through the more difficult effects.

Inflicts poison
a frog
turns the character into a frog
a mini Cloud
turns the character Mini
a boot
halves character’s speed
brown sack
Item Seal
the character cannot use items
a ring
Accessory Broken
the equipped accessory no longer functions
mini Buster Sword
Weapon Broken
the equipped weapon no longer functions, decreasing attack power
an arm band
Armor Broken
the equipped armor no longer functions, decreasing defense
red materia
Summon Broken
the character can no longer summon, any status changes are cancelled
green materia
Magic Broken
the character can no longer use magic materia, any status changes are cancelled
yellow materia
Command Broken
the character can no longer use command materia, any status changes are cancelled
blue materia
Support Broken
the character can no longer use support materia, any status changes are cancelled
purple materia
Independent Broken
the character can no longer use independent materia, any status changes are cancelled
five materias
All Broken
the character can no longer use ANY materia, any status changes are cancelled
a clock
the character will receive damage relative to the time spent in battle (more time=more damage)
HP 1/2
the character’s max HP is halved
MP 1/2
the character’s MP is halved
HP/MP 1/2
the character’s HP and MP is halved
"MP" in front of a 0
MP Zero
MP is reduced to zero (can be restored)
"LEVEL" with a small down arrow
Down 5 Levels
the character’s level (and stats) are reduced by 5 levels
"LEVEL" with a large down arrow
Down 10 Levels
the character’s level (and stats) are reduced by 10 levels
some of the character’s HP is restored
"LUCKY" in front of a 7
Lucky 7
no effect

[edit] Prizes

The prizes are as follows:

Before Acquiring Tiny Bronco
BP Cost Prize
80 Potion
160 Phoenix Down
320 Shrapnel
640 Ether
1280 Mimett Greens
2560 Fury Ring
5120 Enemy Lure Materia
10240 Pre-Emptive Materia
20480 Speed Plus Materia
40960 Championship Belt

After Acquiring Tiny Bronco
BP Cost Prize
100 Phoenix Down
200 Ether
400 Mimett Greens
800 Enemy Lure Materia
1600 Bird Wing
3200 S-Wing
6400 Pre-Emptive Materia
12800 Speed Plus Materia
25600 Championship Belt
51200 Omnislash
*Note: Omnislash can only be "purchased" once.

After Acquiring Highwind
BP Cost Prize
100 Remedy
200 Enemy Lure Materia
500 Right Arm
1000 Pre-Emptive Materia
2000 Reagan Greens
4000 Speed Plus Materia
8000 Stardust
16000 Championship Belt
32000 Omnislash
64000 W-Summon
*Note: Omnislash and W-Summon can only be "purchased" once.

[edit] Cloud's Special Match

After you have acquired both Omnislash and the W-Summon, you can enter a special battle using Cloud. If you successfully defeat all eight enemies, you will receive the Final Attack Materia.

[edit] Chocobo Square

Here, the player can either bet on chocobo races or enter the race themselves. In order to enter a race, you must have at least one of your own chocobos. See the main article Chocobo Breeding & Racing for more information.

[edit] Wonder Square

When you enter the Wonder Square, go up the stairs to the left and enter the "Arcade". There are several mini games available here including: Super Dunk, Arm Wrestling, G-Bike, Crystal Fortune, Wonder Catcher, Mog’s House, 3-D Battler, Snowboarding, and Torpedo Attack. The games played here will earn you either GP or a prize.

[edit] Super Dunk

Super Dunk costs 200 gil to play. Hold Alt text to charge your throw, and release it to toss the basketball at the hoop. Use the basketball's landing point to re-adjust how much you charge before releasing. You will receive nothing if you miss, or 1 GP for each successful dunk. After ten successful shots, you will be asked to take one more shot for double GP or nothing.

[edit] Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling costs 100 gil to play. You will be put up against a mechanical arm to test your strength, either Wrestler or Sumo Wrestler. Tap Alt text once it begins. You will receive 1 GP for defeating the Wrestler and 2 GP for defeating the Sumo Wrestler.

[edit] G-Bike

G-Bike costs 200 gil to play. This game should be familiar: it is the same battle you fought on the motorcycle on the highway during your escape from Midgar. The goal is to prevent any of the rogue motorists from hitting the truck by slashing at them until they go down. Use the directionals to move, and Alt text (swing right) and Alt text (swing left) buttons to attack the cyclists. You will earn 500 points for every cyclist killed, and lose 25 points every time the truck gets hit. You will earn GP relative to the amount of points you earn:

  • 0-9999 points = 2 GP
  • 10,000+ points = 10 GP (Note: You will receive a Speed Source the first time you achieve this score)

[edit] Crystal Fortune

Crystal Fortune costs 50 gil to use. It only works on Disc 1, however. She will give you a hint telling you where to go to proceed in the game. It's not worth even the meager 50 gil it costs.

[edit] Wonder Catcher

The Wonder Catcher costs 100 gil to play. There are two machines that each dispenses items. It functions like a crane game, but you don’t play in the first person. You spend the money, and Cloud uses the machine himself. Most of the time, you will win a Potion.

[edit] Mog's House

Mog's House costs 100 gil to play. It is the video game of the Final Fantasy VII world, it seems. Mog is looking for a mate and wants to learn how to fly. You must feed Mog Kupo Nuts to help him fly. However, if you feed him too much or too little, he will fall. (Five Kupo Nuts will teach Mog to fly.) After he learns how to fly, Mag (the female) will come along. You must now feed him more Kupo Nuts for him to fly. Again, the right amount is needed (it's three). After he flies, Mag and Mog will go into the little moogle house and make lots of baby moogles. After you complete the game, the man standing in front of the game will be impressed and give you 30 GP.

[edit] 3-D Battler

3-D Battler costs 200 gil to play. In this virtual fighting game, you must go up against five opponents. There are three input commands for this game: Alt text is a low punch, Alt text is a mid-section punch, and Alt text is a high punch. Each time you throw a punch, the virtual opponent will as well. Credit is given as follows: high punch beats low punch, mid-section punch beats high punch, low punch beats middle punch, and throwing the same punch will cancel each other out. You win 2 GP for beating the second opponent, 30 GP for beating the third, and 300 GP for beating the fourth. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to defeat the's impossible to do so.

[edit] Snowboarding

Snowboarding costs 200 gil to play. This game is only available after you have snowboarded at Icicle Inn. (Note that if you have Tifa or Cid in your party, they may ask Cloud to play in his place. It doesn't affect any prize outcome, so you can accept or deny them as you please.) You are given the choice of three courses: A Course (easiest), B Course, or C Course (hardest). Use the directional buttons to steer, Alt text to jump, Alt text to brake, and Alt text/Alt text to put your hand down (used in turns). You are given a score based on how many balloons you tagged, how many obstacles you hit, and how much time you took. For a score of 90+, you will receive a prize:

  • A Course = 30 GP and a Safety Bit
  • B Course = 100 GP and an All Materia
  • C Course = 300 GP and a Crystal Bangle

After you beat a course and win the appropriate prize, you will be able to enter a time trial mode to try and beat your best time, but there are no special prizes for this.

[edit] Torpedo Attack

Torpedo Attack costs 200 gil to play. This game is available after you have played it in the storyline at the Underwater Reactor in Junon. The goal is to shoot down the enemy submarines. The input commands are as follows: Alt text/Alt text to steer and turn, Alt text/Alt text to dive or surface, Alt text button to speed up, Alt text to slow down, and Alt text to fire torpedoes. There are five levels of difficulty, and the HP of the enemy submarines increases with each level, as does the quality of prizes. Note that you will only receive the prizes once, but you can earn GP each time.

  • Level 1 = 20 GP + Ink
  • Level 2 = 20 GP + T/S Bomb
  • Level 3 = 20 GP + Dragon Fang
  • Level 4 = 20 GP + Dragon Scale
  • Level 5 = 20 GP + Cauldron

[edit] Exchanging GP

There is an attendant at the entrance to the arcade that will allow you to exchange your GP for items.

Note: You can only "purchase" the Gil Up and Exp Up Materia one time.

Turbo Ether
Gold Ticket
Carob Nut
Gil Up Materia
Exp Up Materia

[edit] Ghost Square

There is a hotel here that costs 5 GP to stay at, having the same effect as an Inn, and an Item Shop.

Item Shop
Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Ether 1500 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Maiden's Kiss 150 gil
Cornucopia 150 gil
Soft 150 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Echo Screen 100 gil

[edit] Event Square

There is a stage here with benches for the audience. The only time you can do anything here is during the famous date scene, where Cloud and his date perform in a play.

[edit] Round Square

There is a gondola ride here only used during the famous date scene.

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