Gramis Gana Solidor

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Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor
FFXII Gramis.jpg
Gender Male
Race Hume
Home Archades

Gramis Gana Solidor is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XII. Gramis is the Emperor of Archades, with two living sons, Vayne and Larsa. Eventually, it is revealed that Gramis had two older sons who were killed by Vayne on Gramis' own order.

Sitting before the Senate, Gramis is obviously afflicted with a serious illness as he determines which of his two sons will succeed him: Vayne, with ideas of ruling with military might, or Larsa, with ideas of ending war and establishing peace. Vayne believes that using force is the only way to ensure House Solidor's continuation without the interference of the Senate. Thus, the Senate advocates Larsa's ascension to the throne. However, this proves to be a difficult decision for Gramis, as he doesn't want Vayne’s ruthlessness to lead Archadia, and is concerned that the Senate would use Larsa as their puppet.

Gramis never makes a decision, as he is later found murdered at his throne. Vayne autocratically takes the throne upon his father's death. He claimes his role to be temporary, but accuses Senate chairman Gregeroth and the rest of the Senate for the murder. As was Vayne's plan, the Senate is disbanded, thus assuring his permanent place as Archadia's emperor. Vayne speaks after the incident: "And so House Solidor lives on."

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