Guard Scorpion (FFVII)

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Guard Scorpion
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Location Midgar

Guard Scorpion is a boss in Final Fantasy VII encountered in Midgar's Sector 1 Reactor.

[edit] Stats

Level HP MP
12 800 0
Attack Defense Magic Mag Def Dexterity Evasion
30 40-->255 15 256-->384 60 0
AP Exp Gil
10 100 100
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Water Wind
- - Weak - - -
Gravity Poison Holy
Immune Immune -
Death Sadness Slow Slow-numb Berserk
Immune Immune - Immune Immune
Near-death Fury Stop Petrify Paralysis
- Immune - Immune Immune
Sleep Confusion Frog Death Sent Darkness
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Poison Silence Small Manipulate
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Drop Steal Morph
Assault Gun - -
Abilities Rifle, Scorpion Tail, Search Scope, Tail Laser

*The Guard Scorpion's stats change when it's tail is raised.

[edit] Strategy

Guard Scorpion is the first boss of the game that you'll encounter, so he is rather easy. His first major weakness is that he must "lock on" using "Search Scope" before attacking, so he takes two turns to cause any damage. His second weakness is that he is a giant mechanical scorpion, which means Cloud's Bolt materia is the most effective attack. Bolt is all Cloud should use through the battle. While Barret should continue to use normal attacks with potions to heal your HP. The only time Guard Scorpion can cause any severe damage is when his tail is raised. Many sites will tell you not to attack with his tail raised because it will counterattack with Tail Laser. However, if your HP is high enough, attack him. This will rapidly increase your limit break and allow you to destroy him (as well as hasten you on your way to Limit Level 1.2) much faster.

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