Guard Spider

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Guard Spider
Location Banora
Chapters 3
Missions 3-1-2
Class Guard Spider

Guard Spider is a boss in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core that appears in Banora - Apple Orchard and in Mission 3-1-2.

[edit] Stats

Level HP (Normal) MP
10 7225 0
Attack Vitality Magic Spirit Luck
17 54 14 12 16
Exp SP Gil
162 1 120
Fire Ice Thunder
- - Weak
Poison Silence Stun Stop
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Gravity Death Blast Wave Zantetsuken
Immune Immune Immune Immune
Recovery Time Stagger Interrupt Float
2s 5 no no
Drop Potion (normal), Hi-Potion (rare)
Steal Potion (normal), Bulletproof Vest (rare)
Effects -
Abilities EM Field, Spider Web, Type-97 Cannon

[edit] Strategy

This robotic boss fire a Type-97 Cannon which emits an EM field. This area attack will zap Zack if you get too close. All other attacks can be avoided by dodging. If you stand right next to the Guard Spider, you'll limit its attacks. Stand behind it and slash away for critical hits. Run away when it prepares its EM field, then go back in. You can also cast Thunder magic at it for some good damage.

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