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Gun Mage
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Gun Mage is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. This sphere is designed to focus on a certain type of enemy and defeat it quickly. For example, the Flan Eater ability will most certainly take out any lesser flan and take a big dent out of the greater ones. This sphere will also give you the ability to scan your enemies. Also, using the Blue Bullet ability to "learn" attacks from your enemies will give the characters a whole new set of attacks!


[edit] How to Obtain

  1. Chapter 1

      Go to the Moonflow and do the 'Shave the Hypello' mission and escort the hypello back to Tobli. You do not need to have any luggage remaining to get this dress sphere, as no matter the outcome, you will get this dress sphere.
  2. Chapter 2

      If you missed this dress sphere in Chapter 1, you can get this dress sphere again in chapter 2, by doing the 'YRP, the Scalpers Three' mission and sell at least 6 tickets while making a profit. If you do this, then the dress sphere is yours.

[edit] Abilities List

Ablility Effect AP Required
Attack Attacks enemy 00
Blue Bullet Use attacks empowered by enemy attacks 00
Scan View info about an enemy 20
Shell Cracker Does 4x damage to Helms 20
Anti-Aircraft Does 4x damage to Birds & Wasps 20
Silver Bullet Does 4x damage to Lupines 20
Flan Eater Does 4x damage to Flans 20
Elementillery Does 4x damage to Elements 20
Killasaurus Does 4x damage to Reptiles 20
Drake Slayer Does 4x damage to Drakes 20
Dismantler Does 4x damage to Machina 20
Mech Destroyer Does 4x damage to Mechs 20
Demon Muzzle Does 4x damage to Imps and Evil Eyes 20
Fiend Hunter Lv2 Reduces time take to use Fiend Hunter 30
Scan Lv2 Allows you to rotate target 20
Scan Lv3 Allows you to scan party members 100
Total Ap Required 370

Note that the method for obtaining the Dressphere has come from Krunal's Dressphere's FAQ

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