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Ifalna is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VII and is the biological mother of Aeris Gainsborough.

By visiting Icicle Inn and viewing some old videos, the player can learn further about Ifalna’s past. Ifalna met Gast after he abandoned Shinra and began research at Icicle Inn on the Cetra. Ifalna willingly participated in his interviews, teaching him about Jenova, WEAPONs, and the Cetra.

Eventually, Ifalna and Gast would fall in love and conceive a child – Aeris. Shortly after Aeris’ birth, Hojo arrives with the Shinra army to seize Ifalna and Aeris, killing Gast in the process.

During the time of their imprisonment, Ifalna gives Aeris the White Materia and teaches her about Holy, the ultimate protective magic. About seven years after their capture, Ifalna manages to escape with Aeris where she ends up at the train station, mortally wounded. Elmyra Gainsborough tells the party that she found Ifalna and Aeris there and with her final breath Ifalna asked Elmyra to take care of Aeris.

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