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Ifrit is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. He is fire-based and his special attack is generally named "Hellfire".


[edit] Final Fantasy III

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Ifrit is avaliable as a summon.

  • Jobs: Evoker, Sage, Summoner
  • White Summon: Restores HP to all allies
  • Black Summon: Damages all enemies with flames of rage
  • High Summon: Damages all enemies with an overwhelming inferno

[edit] Final Fantasy VI

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Ifrit is an Esper found in the Magitek Research Facility by the Returners where he is saved by them. A fire type, Ifrit is best used against Ice based opponents.

Level Bonus: Strength + 1

MP Cost: 26

Special Move: Inferno (Hellfire)

  • Description: Inflicts Moderate Fire Damage to all enemies.
Ability Acquisition Rate
Fira X10
Fira X5
Drain X1

Boss Stats

Level HP MP Attack Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Magic Evasion Gil Experience Steal/Drop Immune Weak Absorb Type Status Immunities
21 33000 600 25 215 20 7 115 0 0 0 Nothing Lightning, Poison, Wind, Holy, Earth, Water Ice Fire None Poison, Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Stop

[edit] Final Fantasy VII

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[edit] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

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Main Article: Ifrit (Crisis Core)

Ifrit appears early in the game as a summoned boss fight at Mt. Tamblin - Animal Trail. He also shows up in Missions 5-1-1 and 8-1-1. He is fire-based, and weak to ice magic.

[edit] Final Fantasy VIII

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Ifrit is the first guardian force that you encounter in this game. It is living in the Fire Cavern to test potential SeeDs. He uses a fire attack called Hell Fire. Squall Leonhart fights and defeats Ifrit, leading to the GF's decision to join Squall. Ifrit is useful for his stat boosting abilities like Str+20% and Str+40%. He also has the ability to turn items into Fire magic as well as ammo for Irvine's limit break.

Scan Info

  Fire GF, uses fire magic. It's a strong opponent, but as it is a part of Garden's 
  exam, not impossible to defeat.
  • Weak to Ice

GF Level GF HP GF Attack Power
1 305 298
10 804 607
20 1366 950
30 1936 1293
40 2514 1636
50 3100 1980
60 3394 2323
70 4296 2666
80 4906 3009
90 5524 3352
100 6150 3695

Ability AP
HP-J 50
Str-J Pre-Learned
Elem-Atk-J Pre-Learned
Elem-Def-J 100
Elem-Defx2 130
Magic Pre-Learned
GF Pre-Learned
Draw Pre-Learned
Item Pre-Learned
Mad Rush 60
Str+20% 60
Str+40% 120
Str Bonus 100
SumMag+10% 40
SumMag+20% 70
SumMag+30% 140
GFHP+10% 40
GFHP+20% 70
GFHP+30% 140
Boost 10
F Mag-RF 30
Ammo-RF 30

[edit] Strategy

Ifrit is the first Boss you'll come across in the game, as part of the SeeD Test. Head over to the Fire Cavern, just outside of Balamb Garden on the World Map. When you get there you'll be asked by the guards to choose a time limit in which to reach and defeat Ifrit. Follow the path with Quistis through the Fire cavern until you reach Ifrit; the longer you take the more she'll talk with you. When you get to Ifrit the battle starts. If you've been paying attention, he should be the third GF you'll get. He is relatively easy to defeat, even for the beginner; the only problem you may encounter is with the time limit. Use ice magic for maximum effect, and the GF Shiva if you have it, and other than that just keep physically attacking, and keep an eye on yours and Quistis' health.

[edit] Final Fantasy IX

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Ifrit from FF9

Ifrit is one of Princess Garnet's eidelons that she can learn after obtaining the Topaz. It comes out of a burning flame and powers up his fist with fire and brings it down to the floor cuasing a massive shockwave which harms all enemies. Ifrit is also given to you at the start of Disc 3 (along with Shiva and Atmos) by Dr Tot.

[edit] Final Fantasy X

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Ifrit FFX.jpg

Main Article: Ifrit (FFX)

Ifrit is the second Aeon encountered in the storyline of Final Fantasy X, given to Yuna by the Fayth of Kilika. Being a fire type, Fire based attacks will heal Ifrit, whereas Ice based attacks will deal double damage.

Belgemine also summons Ifrit to fight against Yuna twice - once at the Mi'ihen Highroad and later at Remiem Temple. Isaaru summons his version of Ifrit named Grothia against Yuna in the Via Purifico. Ifrit is fought one last time in the battle with Yu Yevon.

In the International version of Final Fantasy X, Dark Ifrit can be fought as an optional boss battle.

[edit] Final Fantasy X-2

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Ifrit in FFX-2

Main Article: Ifrit (FFX-2)

Ifrit is fought as a boss in Chapter 3 in Kilika Temple.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII

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Ifrit mini.jpg

The name "Ifrit" appears as a massive airship. The Ifrit was responsible for the attack on the night of the Fete on the resistance, as they attempted to storm the palace.

[edit] Final Fantasy XIII

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Ifrit is an Eidolon, though not playable.

[edit] Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Main Article: Ifrit (Dissidia)

Ifrit appears in Dissidia in both Auto and Manual summonstones. His Auto summon is modeled after the Final Fantasy VIII version, while the Manual summon is modeled after the Final Fantasy IV version.

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