In the Secret Facility

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In the Secret Facility
Mission No.: 6-4-3
Navigation: Seeking Precious Items->
Zack, the Clean-Up Guy->
In the Secret Facility
Prerequisite: Complete Mission 6-4-2
Reward: Fat Chocobo Feather x3
Unlocks: Mission 6-4-4

In the Secret Facility is a mission from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. For a complete list, visit Missions (FFVII:CC).


[edit] Introduction

Sahagins have been spotted inside Shinra's secret base. Hurry there and eliminate the monsters. They are said to have stocked up on items, some of them quite rare. You are allowed to keep all items you obtain during the mission.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Chests

  • Power Attack (center)
  • Tri-Fire (south)
  • Hero Drink (southeast)

[edit] Strategy

Remember to utilize Graviga in the random battles against the Mover REs. Head south from the starting point and take the first two chests. Up ahead, you will see the boss, but don’t engage it just yet. Sneak around the boss and head east. Follow the path for the last chest containing a Hero Drink. Return and engage the boss. Start the battle with an Assault Twister+, followed by regular critical attacks to finish them. Be aware of when the Sahagin Chiefs use the Jump ability and dodge to avoid their landing.

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