Intercept the Copies

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Intercept the Copies
Mission No.: 3-5-1
Navigation: Genesis's Forces->
The Strongest Copies->
Intercept the Copies
Prerequisite: Complete Mission 3-4-6
Reward: Hero Drink x3
Unlocks: Mission 3-5-2

Intercept the Copies is a mission from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. For a complete list, visit Missions (FFVII:CC).


[edit] Introduction

Mass production has begun on new Genesis copies. A team of these new monstrosities is fast approaching Midgar even as we speak. We can't allow them to get any closer, so go now and eliminate this army of copies!

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Chests

  • Hammer Punch (south)
  • Kaiser Knuckles (southeast)
  • X-Potion (northeast)

[edit] Strategy

At the first intersection, take the southern path to pick up the Hammer Punch chest. Return back to the central path and continue all the way west, then south for the Kaiser Knuckles. Backtrack to the previous intersection and proceed north. Take the eastern path at the next intersection for the X-Potion. Return to the main path and go north. Follow the bend west for the boss. Use Quake or Energy to start the battle. Finish the Centurion first with a few critical hits. Keep dodging and stay in motion to keep up with the speed of the Purgatorio. You can try to land a Costly Punch to finish the Purgatorio, or stick with regular critical attacks, which may be easier to land.

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