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Items in Final Fantasy X can be found or purchased. Throughout the game you will find that Items are necessary whether they be curative or offensive. Below is a list of all the items available in FFX.

Quick Links: Curative Items | Offensive Items | Defensive Items | Miscellaneous Items

[edit] Curative Items

Curative Items
Al Bhed PotionCures poison, silence and petrification; gives 1000 HP to all
AntidoteCures poison
Echo ScreenCures silence
ElixirRestore all HP and MP for 1 person; up to 9,999 HP and 999 MP in battle
EtherGives 100 MP to 1 person
Eye DropsCures darkness
Healing WaterRestore HP of party fully
Hi-PotionGives 1000 HP to one person
Holy WaterCures Zombie and Curse
Mega PhoenixRevive party from KO
MegalixirRestores HP and MP of party; up to 9,999 HP and 999 MP in battle for all
Mega-PotionGives 2000 HP to all people
Phoenix DownRevive 1 person from KO
PotionGives 200 HP to 1 person
RemedyCure all status effects
SoftCures petrification
Tetra ElementalRestores HP to all; gives NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost to all
Turbo EtherGives 500 MP to 1 person
X-PotionRestore HP to 1 person

[edit] Offensive Items

Offensive Items
Antarctic WindCauses around 600 ice damage
Arctic WindCauses around 1000 ice damage
Blessed GemCauses around 8000 damage
Bomb CoreCauses around 1000 fire damage
Bomb FragmentCauses around 600 fire damage
Candle of LifeCauses Doom status
Dark MatterCauses around 12500 damage to all opponents
Dragon ScaleCauses around 1000 water damage
Dream PowderCauses damage and Sleep status
Electro MarbleCauses around 600 lightning damage
Farplane ShadowCauses Death status
Farplane WindCauses Death status on all opponents
Fire GemCauses around 600 fire damage
Frag GrenadeCauses around 800 damage; causes Armour Break status
Gold HourglassCauses around 1000 damage; causes Delay status
GrenadeCauses around 350 damage to all opponents
Ice GemCauses around 600 ice damage to all opponents
Lightning GemCauses around 600 lightning damage to all opponents
Lightning MarbleCauses around 1000 lightning damage
Mana SpringAbsorb MP from opponent (1058 MP is Maximum)
Petrify GrenadeCauses Petrification status
Poison FangCauses around 2000 damage; causes Poison status
Purifying SaltCauses around 1100 damage; removes status that s/he inflicted
Shadow GemHalves opponent's HP
Shining GemCauses around 6000 damage
Silence GrenadeCauses around 750 damage; causes Silence status
Silver HourglassCauses Delay status
Sleeping PowderCauses around 750 damage; causes Sleep status
Smoke BombCauses around 750 damage; causes Darkness status
Soul SpringAbsorbs around 1500 HP and a maximum of 1587 MP from an opponent
Stamina SpringAbsorbs a maximum of 400 HP
Supreme GemCauses around 9500 damage
Water GemCauses around 600 water damage

[edit] Defensive Items

Defensive Items
Chocobo FeatherCauses Haste status
Chocobo WingCauses Haste status on all people
Healing SpringCauses Regen status
Light CurtainCauses Protect status
Lunar CurtainCauses Shell status
Mana TabletDouble max MP of one person
Mana TonicDoubles max MP of all people
Stamina TabletDoubles max HP of one person
Stamina TonicDoubles max HP of all people
Star CurtainCauses Reflect status
Three StarsCauses No MP Cost status to all people
Twin StarsCauses No MP Cost status to one person

[edit] Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items
Ability DistillerGet Ability Spheres after a battle
AmuletFor customizing weapons
Designer WalletFor customizing weapons
Door To TomorrowFor customizing weapons
Gambler's SpiritFor customizing weapons
Hypello PotionFor customizing weapons
Mana DistillerGet Mana Spheres after a battle
MapShows world map
MuskFor customizing weapons
PendulumFor customizing weapons
Power DistillerGet Power Spheres after a battle
Rename CardRenames an aeon
Shining ThornTeaches aeon Mental Break ability
Speed DistillerGet Speed Spheres after a battle
Underdog's SecretFor customizing weapons
Wings to DiscoveryFor customizing weapons
Winning FormulaFor customizing weapons

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