Jegran's Elite Guard

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Jegran's Elite Guard
Medal No. 257
Previous Lett Highlands Campaign II
Next Glutton
Location Alfitiria

Jegran's Elite Guard is a medal in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


[edit] Information

[edit] Hint

So, you think soldiers are pushovers? Best not wind them up too much, though.

[edit] Description

You encountered Jegran's elite guards.

[edit] Requirements

Gold.jpg Gold Encounter Jegran's elite guards ten or more times
Silver.jpg Silver Encounter Jegran's elite guards five to nine times
Bronze.jpg Bronze Encounter Jegran's elite guards one to four times

[edit] How to Obtain

After escaping Aerial Prison, return to Capital Gate Hall. Toss around citizens to make the guards appear. If they hit you three times, they will take you to jail. You can get this medal while earning Medal 230.

[edit] Related Medals

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