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FFXII Jote.jpg
Gender Female
Race Viera
Home Eruyt Village

Jote is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XII. When the player party arrives in Eruyt Village seeking Mjrn, they are confronted by Jote, the village elder and Fran's older sister. She informs them that Mjrn has left the wood, and thus is no longer part of the Viera. After rescuing Mjrn and bringing her back to the village, Fran tells her younger sister to stay apart of the Wood and not follow the same path that Fran has chosen. The party learns that fifty years ago, Fran left the village and her two sisters for the world of the Humes. As a result, Fran was banished from the village and no longer considered one of them.

Jote then gives the party passage through Golmore Jungle as thanks for returning Mrjn. Before leaving, Fran asks Jote to listen to the Green Word for her. Jote tells her sister that the Wood misses her and wishes her back. Fran thanks her sister for the kind lie, and leaves with the Hume party.

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