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Basics of Junctioning

Junctioning is the art of fusing one self with a mythical beast, or Guardian Force, in Final Fantasy VIII which will in turn allow the use of magic, and the ability to summon the said fused beast into battle to act in stead of the character that it has joined with. Junctioned beasts reside within the mind of the individual that has called upon it's use, and it has been said that such practices have been known to have some repercussions such as acute memory loss.

Magic can be junctioned to various character statistics to give them a boost and make a character more formidable. The more magic that is stocked of a similar type, means the more potent the boost in statistic. For example, junctioning 100 Life magic to the vitality status will increase it far more than what junctioning only one would.


[edit] The vital steps to Junctioning

Junctioning is a step-by-step process. Before a later step can be utilised, the previous steps must first be achieved. The level of priority goes as such:

1. Before anything else can be junctioned, first a GF must be set to the character, by junctioning it to them on the junction page. Note that a GF can only be set to one character at a time.

2. After you have set a GF to a character, you can now utilise it's abilities. Before you can junction any abilities or magic to stats, the GF must know the relative ability. See GF abilities for more information on teaching GFs abilities.

3. Having done those two, you are now free to junction magic, abilities and commands to your character.

[edit] Junctioning Abilities and Commands

Having first set a Gf to your character, junctioning Commands and Abilities to a character is then as simple as going to the junction screen, choosing the character, select ability, and then set which abilities and commands you'd like. The top half of your selection will dictate battle commands, whilst the bottom half will provide support abilities.

[edit] Junctioning Magic

Junctioning Magic to a character's stats can greatly strengthen those stats. Your GF must know the appropriate [Stat]-J ability before you can junction magic to any stats.

As well as being junctioned to stats, Magic can be Junctioned to Elemental-Attack, Elemental-Defense, Status-Attack, and Status-Defense.

Before you can junction to any of those, you must first have a GF junctioned. The GF must know the neccessary ability also, for you to junction to any particular -ATK or -DEF.

[edit] Elemental Attack

Also known as Elem-Atk, you'll need to junction a GF that knows the ability Elem-Atk-J in order to utilise this. Junction to this in order to add an element, such as ice or fire, to one's attack. You'll deal more damage to enemies with a weakness to the particular element you've junctioned; and less damage or sometimes even heal an enemy that absorbs the particular element.

Example. Junctioned ice magic to your Elm-Atk, will cause you to deal more damage to a Bomb, but a Glacial Eye will be unaffected by your attacks.

The amount of damage is also effected by the % of element you have junctioned, I.E. the number of magics, and the potency of that particular spell. For example, junctioning 100 Firaga, will grant more damage than 100 Fire.

[edit] Elemental Defense

Also known as Elem-Def. A GF that knows Elem-Def-J is needed to junction to Elem-Def. Just as your junctioned Elm-Attacks will deal more or less damage to an enemy depending on their weaknesses and resistances, so can you too, junction magic in order to gain resistance to a particular element of magic. Junctioning a certain element to your Elm-Def will decrease the damage you recieve from that Element. The % is relevant to the extent of your resistance. If you are more than 100% resistant to an element, you will absorb that element, and heal life when it is used on you.

Example, you have 100 Firaga junctioned to Elm-Def. When the fire element is used on you in battle, you will absorb it, and heal life.

Junctioning to Elm-Def, while making you stronger against that particular element, can sometimes cause you to be weaker to another. It's neccessary to keep a happy balance.

[edit] Status Attack

St-ATK. A GF with ST-ATK-J must be in use. Junctioned status magic to status attack adds a chance that you'll inflict a status upon your enemy when attacking. The percentage is effected only by the number of spells you have.

Example, you Junction 100 Sleep to St-Atk. You attack a T-Rexaur. You have a 100% chance of inflicting Sleep on it.

Even with 100%, the status will occassionally not kick in.

[edit] Status Defense

St-Def. A GF with ST-Def-J ability must be junctioned to use this. Just as junctioning to St-Atk allows you to inflict status effects on foes with your attacks; junctioning status magics to St-Def, makes you resistant to a particular status.

Example, you junction 100 Blind to St-Def. You are now 100% resistant to Blind status.

Using all four Atk-J and Def-J, can culminate to some very great effects. Junctioning is essentially, all about strengths and resistances, and weaknesses and of creating weak spots.

See Magic List for more information on what Magics have what effects when junctioned.

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