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Key Items are obtained throughout Final Fantasy X. Here is a list of all the key items and the location of the Key Item:

Withered BouquetTo make a fireSubmerged Ruins-Stairs
FlintTo make a fireSubmerged Ruins-Room
Cloudy MirrorTo get the Celestial MirrorRemiem Temple
Celestial MirrorTo get and enhance Celestial WeaponsCelestial Weapons
Jecht Sphere 1
Jecht Sphere 2
Jecht Sphere 3
Jecht Sphere 4
Jecht Sphere 5
Auron's Sphere
Jecht Sphere 6
Jecht Sphere 7
Jecht Sphere 8
Braska's Sphere
To teach Auron new OverdrivesAurons Overdrives
Aeon's SoulTo increase aeons' statsCalm Lands-Central
Summoners SoulAllows Aeons to learn new abilitiesCalm Lands-Central
Rusty SwordTo get the MasamuneCalm Lands-Gorge Bottom
Mark of ConquestTo distinguish a fighter of great powerDefeat Nemesis
Blossom CrownTo get the Magus SistersMonster Arena
Flower SceptreTo get the Magus SistersRemiem Temple-Great Hall
Sun Crest
Sun Sigil
Power up Tidus's CaladbolgTidus's Crests & Sigils
Moon Crest
Moon Sigil
Power up Yuna's NirvanaYuna's Crests & Sigils
Mercury Crest
Mercury Sigil
Power up Rikku's GodhandRikku's Crests & Sigils
Venus Crest
Venus Sigil
Power up Lulu's Onion KnightLulu's Crests & Sigils
Mars Crest
Mars Sigil
Power up Auron's MasamuneAuron' Crests & Sigils
Jupiter Crest
Jupiter Sigil
Power up Wakka's World ChampionWakka's Crests & Sigils
Saturn Crest
Saturn Sigil
Power up Kimahri's Spirit LanceKimahri's Crests & Sigils
Primer I
Primer II
Primer III
Primer IV
Primer V
Primer VI
Primer VII
Primer VIII
Primer IX
Primer X
Primer XI
Primer XII
Primer XIII
Primer XIV
Primer XV
Primer XVI
Primer XVII
Primer XVIII
Primer XIX
Primer XX
Primer XXI
Primer XXII
Primer XXIII
Primer XXIV
Primer XXV
Primer XXVI
A = E
B = P
C = S
D = T
E = I
F = W
G = K
H = N
I = U
J = V
K = G
L = C
M = L
N = R
O = Y
P = B
Q = X
R = H
S = M
T = D
U = O
V = F
W = Z
X = Q
Y = A
Z = J
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