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Knights of Pluto are a faction of knights governed with the task of protecting Alexandria in Final Fantasy IX. They are often characterized as being hopeless and are in direct contest with Alexandria's all-female army led by Beatrix.


[edit] Members

I. Captain Steiner
II. Blutzen
III. Kohel
IV. Laudo
V. Dojebon
VI. Breireicht
VII. Weimar
VIII. Heimar
IX. Mullenkedheim

[edit] Characters

[edit] Captain Steiner-Pluto Knight I

As the leader of the Pluto Knights, it's Steiner's job to ensure that all knights arrive on duty when called for.

[edit] Blutzen-Pluto Knight II

Blutzen is a super sleuth, like Kohel, however manages to get ambushed by Zidane and Blank when the thieves sneak into the castle during the performance.

[edit] Kohel-Pluto Knight III

Kohel, like Blutzen, is a super sleuth, however manages to get ambushed by Zidane and Blank when the thieves sneak into the castle during the performance.

[edit] Laudo-Pluto Knight IV

Laudo is a quiet, knight that can often be found in the library. He never really wanted to enlist as a knight in the first place and is an aspiring writer. At one point he asks his captain if he can quit, to which he'll receive an agressive response due to the search for the princess being of more importance.

[edit] Dojebon-Pluto Knight V

Dojoben is the most famed artillerist in the squad. He does, however, have an aversion to his captain as he runs the other way when approached in the main hall of the castle of Alexandria.

[edit] Breireicht-Pluto Knight VI

Breireicht is a man who gains his exercise and keeps fit from climbing the stairs in one of the towers of the castle in Alexandria. He may be one of the older knights of the platoon, as this is alluded to when he mentions being too old to be climbing the stairs. Although in hindsight, he may only be complaining.

[edit] Weimar-Pluto Knight VII

Weimar is a womanizer and will attempt to pick up the women of Beatrix's squad in his spare time. But not only do these women need to fear, as he also has a keen eye for the normal citizens of Alexandria of the female variety.

[edit] Haagen-Pluto Knight VIII

Haagan is a dedicated knight that will be attentive and tend to the tasks at had, if not with a little too much eccentricity. He likes to sit around and contemplate life, stating that staring at the waters of the moat brings him inner peace. It is also said that he is good at navigating.

[edit] Mullenkedheim-Pluto Knight IX

Mullenkedheim is a knight that loves his food. He is also the winner of the previous year's cannonball race.

[edit] Quest

During the performance of I Want To Be Your Canary, it will be up to Steiner and his motley crew to locate Princess Garnet. However, not all of the Knights of Pluto are being as attentive as they should. Should Steiner find all of the knights, then Breireicht will give him an Elixir as a reward.

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