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Lady Luck
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Lady Luck is a dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2. Luck is in the cards when you use this dressphere. By far the most useful attack is the Four Dice attack. When the numbers are added up from each die, you get that many attacks! Often that is enough to beat lesser enemies right there. Also offers a hit or miss slots attack, and the ability to bribe; paying your opponent to leave the battle, and leave behind some goodies on their way out! And don't forget about the Double EXP ability! That is incredibly useful! Leblanc also uses this sphere.


[edit] How to Obtain

  1. Chapter 3

      Go to Luca, and participate in the Sphere Break tournament. Win three matches, then defeat Shinra (in Sphere Break). Rin will then award you with the Lady Luck Dressphere.
  2. Chapter 5

      If you missed this in Chapter 3, you can get it again in Chapter 5. Just battle Shinra in Luca (He is next to the save sphere in Basement A).

Note: Battling Shira in Chapter 5 is much harder then chapter 3, becuase his quota is much higher. It is recomended to get this in Chapter 3.

[edit] Abilities List

Ablility Effect AP Required
Attack Attacks enemy 00
Bribe Bribe enemy with gil to leave battle 40
Two Dice Damage enemy by rolling two dices 20
Four Dice Damage enemies by rolling four dices 100
Attack Reels Slots that deal physical damage 60
Magic Reels Slots that deal magical damage 70
Item Reels Slots that may trigger use of items 80
Random Reels Slots that trigger random effects 120
Luck Raises the user's luck 30
Felicity Raises the parties luck 40
Tantalize Confuse all enemies 60
Critical Always do critical damage 160
Double EXP Doubles EXP earned after battle 80
SOS Spellspring MP cost is 0 when HP is low 30
Gillionaire Double Gil earned after battle 100
Double Items Doubles items earned after battle 100
Total Ap Required 1090

Note that the method for obtaining the Dressphere has come from Krunal's Dressphere's FAQ

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