Larsa Ferrinas Solidor

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Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
FFXII Larsa.jpg
Age 12 (FFXII)
Gender Male
Race Hume
Home Archades

Larsa Ferrinas Solidor is one of the main protagonists of the Final Fantasy XII series. As the youngest son to Emperor Gramis, he is second in line to the Archadian throne. Even at his young age, he shows that he is a capable leader and readily accepts his political role.

Larsa Ferrinas Solidor is the fourth son to Emperor Gramis, and Vayne's Brother. (FFXII Game Description)

[edit] Final Fantasy XII

The party meets "Lamont"

The party first meets Larsa in Bhujerba during their search for Penelo. Larsa introduces himself as Lamont, and requests that he accompany them to the Lhusu Mines. In the mines, he finds magicite, confirming his suspicion that Archadia is using it to create manufacted nethicite. When Ba'Gamnan ambushes the party, Larsa escapes the mines alone. Later, when the party manages their own escape, they overhear Larsa speaking to Judge Ghis, who has captured Penelo. Balthier realizes that Lamont is actually Larsa Ferrinas Solidor. Larsa takes Penelo into his protective custody and takes her to Ondore's estate where he reveals his identity to her.

Larsa, Penelo, and the party are later reunited on board the Leviathan during their escape. Larsa gives Penelo a piece of the manufacted nethicite and parts ways with the party to go with Vossler. Eventually, Larsa would escape to Bhujerba with the party via the Atamos. After landing, Larsa returns to Archades.

In a scene with Emperor Gramis and the council, Gramis reminds them that Vayne had once killed two of his other sons at his word. Thus, it is indicated that Larsa once had two brothers slain at the hands of his brother Vayne, though Larsa himself never speaks of the incident. It is often referenced that Gramis is concerned that the Senate would seek to use the youthful Larsa as their puppet. Because of Larsa's strong ideals of peace, Judge Gabranth and Judge Drace agree to protect Larsa at all costs.

When the party arrives in Jahara to seek the aid of the Garif, they once again encounter Larsa who is awaiting a rendezvous with someone that he believes will help him avoid war. Larsa travels with the party to Mt. Bur-Omisace where he speaks with Al-Cid Margrace of House Rozarria. Al-Cid reports that Vayne has killed his and Larsa’s father, Emperor Gramis, thus ending any hopes of peace talks. Larsa stays behind, but is collected by Gabranth and returned to Archades where Larsa attempts to convince Vayne to avoid war, but to no avail.

Larsa is later taken on board the Bahamut by Vayne. When the party arrives to challenge Vayne, Larsa finally raises a sword to his brother. However, Vayne transforms into Vayne Novus, staggering Larsa and knocking him unconscious. Gabranth, in protection of Larsa, raises his own sword to Vayne. Gabranth is mortally wounded by the fight, and as Vayne attempts to kill him, he is stopped by Larsa who uses the manufacted nethicite to absorb Vayne's power.

Larsa orders Archadian troops to stand down

The party ultimately defeats Vayne and escapes with Larsa to the Strahl. Upon announcing Vayne's death, Larsa orders the Archadian army to cease fire.

One year later, in the closing scenes of the game, Larsa has become Emperor to Archadia, and has established peace between Archadia and Dalmasca. Basch, taking up his brother's mantle, now serves as Larsa's Judge. Penelo narrates that she writes to him, and would like to see him again one day.

[edit] Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

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