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FFX2 Lenne.jpg
Lenne smiling at Shuyin

Lenne is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy X-2 whose memories have been preserved inside Yuna's Songstress dressphere. Lenne and Shuyin's tragic past is revealed in full during Yuna's concert on the Thunder Plains. Lenne was a songstress as well as a summoner from Zanarkand one thousand years before the events of X-2.

When the Machina War between Bevelle and Zanarkand broke out, Lenne and the other summoners of Zanarkand were called to the front lines to defend the metropolis. Shuyin, not bearing to lose his love, chose to break into Bevelle Temple in order to steal the opponent's machine to defend his girlfriend.
I Love You
Lenne found out about his plot, and, in order to spare the civilians, attempted to stop Shuyin in front of Vegnagun. As Shuyin leaps from Vegnagun and embraces Lenne, the Bevelle Guard corners the couple and guns them down.
Before they are shot, Lenne cries and then smiles at Shuyin in an attempt to let him know she was happy to die with him. When they hit the ground she reaches toward Shuyin in vain.

After the Gullwings defeat Shuyin's spirit, Lenne appears before him, begging him to move on from the past, saying she forgives him and loves him, and rest with her. The two embrace once more, and she thanks Yuna for reuniting her with her love.

Lenne's memories and singing voice was preserved in the Songstress sphere. Lenne projected her feelings through the sphere onto Yuna three times during Final Fantasy X-2 and once with Shinra's Sphere Screen, first in Luca after the real Emotion concert (she is happy to have Yuna use her sphere, and dances around), next when the unsent Shuyin embraces Yuna on the Farplane (she cries when she sees Shuyin), third during the 1000 Words concert (she uses the Sphere Screen to project herself singing with Yuna), and the last time on the Farplane when she departs with Shuyin (she leaves the sphere to hold Shuyin again).

[edit] Quotes

"Believe with me. I don't want that light to fade." (through Yuna)
"You must stop! That's enough!" (to Shuyin)
"Hi there."
"I don't need anything else, just knowing how you feel is enough. Shuyin, let's end this, let's go home."
"That was all 1000 years ago, we've come to far to go back now! Rest Shuyin, rest with me. Let's go. I have a new song for you."
"Thank you." (to Yuna)

[edit] Gallery

FFX2 Lenne Art.jpg
Artwork of Lenne
Lenne reaches for Shuyin

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