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Age:  ??
Job: Assassin
Party Situation: Enemy
Quick description: Marqui's Servent

Lettie, or Lede, is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. In battle, Lettie and Celia can be quite a pain for your party. They both have high Speed and Evasion, but that's not the problem. They can inflict Stop on you with 100% (unless you have Black Costume .. etc), Petrify with 100% (unless you have Jade Armlet ..etc) and Instant KO with 100% (unless you have Angel Armlet ..etc). They can also use Allure, which charms you with almost 100%. Fortunately you never need to kill them, just bring their HP below 75%. Later they will use Ultima. This can be good, since Ramza can learn that ability, and it really doesn't causes much damage.

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