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Limit Breaks are a set of special moves from Final Fantasy VII that each character can use once they have received a certain amount of damage. Many of the characters have a 4th hidden Limit Break, which you can find and use only when you have learned the previous three. To read the information on finding these 4th Limit Breaks, visit Level 4 Limit Breaks (FFVII).

Each Limit Level has two attacks which are gradually learned. However, there is a method to learning these new limit attacks/levels. We shall use Cloud as an example. His first Limit Attack is Braver. To gain the next Limit Attack in Level 1, he must use Braver a set amount of times before learning Cross Slash. However, to gain entry to the next Limit Level, Cloud must (dealing the final blow) kill a large amount of monsters and then the process repeats again in each Limit Level. This applies to all characters, with the exception of Cait Sith and Vincent who only have one Limit Attack per Level and must kill a set number of monsters before advancing to the next level.


[edit] Cloud's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Braver Damages a single enemy with his weapon at 3x normal damage Starting limit Cloud's Braver.jpg
1.2 Cross-slash Damages a single enemy three times at 3.25x normal damage; inflicts paralysis Perform Braver 8 times Cloud's Cross-slash.jpg
2.1 Blade Beam Damages a single enemy at 3.5x normal damage; damages remaining enemies at normal damage Cloud must defeat 120 enemies Cloud's Blade Beam.jpg
2.2 Climhazzard Damages a single enemy at 4.375x normal damage Perform Blade Beam 7 times Cloud's Climhazzard.jpg
3.1 Meteorain Damages all enemies with meteors at 1.625x normal damage Cloud must defeat 200 more enemies Cloud's Meteorain.jpg
3.2 Finishing Touch Deals death to all enemies; enemies that are immune receive 1.625x normal damage Perform Meteorain 6 times Cloud's Finishing Touch.jpg
4 Omnislash Damages random enemies with critical hits 15 times Purchase at the Gold Saucer's Battle Arena Cloud's Omnislash.jpg

[edit] Tifa's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Beat Rush Damages a single enemy with punches at 1.25x normal damage Starting limit Tifa's Beat Rush.jpg
1.2 Somersault Damages a single enemy with a kick at 1.375x normal damage Perform Beat Rush 9 times Somersault.jpg
2.1 Waterkick Damages a single enemy with a watery kick at 1.5x normal damage Tifa must defeat 96 enemies Tifa's Waterkick.jpg
2.2 Meteodrive Damages a single enemy with a body slam at 1.625x normal damage Perform Waterkick 7 times Tifa's Meteodrive.jpg
3.1 Dolphin Blow Damages a single enemy with a kick and the aid of a dolphin at 1.75x normal damage Tifa must defeat 96 more enemies Tifa's Dolphin Blow.jpg
3.2 Meteor Strike Damage a single enemy with a body slam at 1.875x normal damage Perform Dolphin Blow 6 times Tifa's Meteor Strike.jpg
4 Final Heaven Damage a single enemy with an energy punch at 2.625x normal damage Play the piano at Tifa's house in Nibelheim Tifa's Final Heaven.jpg

[edit] Aeris's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Healing Wind Heals half of party's max HP Starting limit Aerith's Healing Wind.jpg
1.2 Seal Evil Casts Silence & Stop on all enemies (sans enemies that are immune) Perform Healing Wind 8 times Aerith's Seal Evil.jpg
2.1 Breath of the Earth Cures party of all negative status ailments Aeris must defeat 80 enemies Aerith's Breath of the Earth.jpg
2.2 Fury Brand Casts Fury and fills two allies Limit Break bars Perform Breath of the Earth 6 times Aerith's Fury Brand.jpg
3.1 Planet Protector Casts invincible status on all allies temporarily Aeris must defeat 80 more enemies Aerith's Planet Protector.jpg
3.2 Pulse of Life Cure all allies of negative status effects and fully cure HP and MP Perform Planet Protector 5 times Aerith's Pulse of Life.jpg
4 Great Gospel Fully cure party's HP & MP and cast Invincible status Give mythril to the Weapon Seller, and open the box on the second floor Great Gospel.jpg

[edit] Barret's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Big Shot Hurls a fireball at a single enemy at 3.25x normal damage Starting limit Big Shot.jpg
1.2 Mindblow Hurls an energy ball at a single enemy for 100MP worth of damage Perform Big Shot 9 times Barret's Mindblow.jpg
2.1 Grenade Bomb Throws grenade at enemies (if there is a single enemy, deals 3.375x normal damage; multiple enemies will receive less damage) Barret must defeat 80 enemies Barret's Grenade Bomb.jpg
2.2 Hammerblow Deals death to a single enemy (doesn't work on enemies that are immune) Perform Grenade Bomb 8 times Barret's Hammerblow.jpg
3.1 Satellite Beam Fires a beam of energy on all enemies for critical hit at 2.1875x normal damage Barret must defeat 80 more enemies Barret's Satellite Beam.jpg
3.2 Ungarmax Damages random enemies 18 times at 0.5x normal damage Perform Satellite Beam 6 times Barret's Ungermax.jpg
4 Catastrophe Damages all enemies 10 times at 1.25x normal damage After Meteor is summoned, speak to the lady in the house on the west side of North Corel Barret's Catastrophe.jpg

[edit] Red XIII's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Sled Fang Darts at a single enemy at 3x normal damage Starting limit Sled Fang.jpg
1.2 Lunatic High Casts Haste on self & raises his defense by 50% for each living party member Perform Sled Fang 8 times Red XIII's Lunatic High.jpg
2.1 Blood Fang Darts at a single enemy at 1.25x normal damage while absorbing some HP & MP Red XIII must defeat 72 enemies Red XIII's Blood Fang.jpg
2.2 Stardust Ray Deals stars on random enemies ten times at 5/8 normal damage Perform Blood Fang 7 times Red XIII's Stardust Ray.jpg
3.1 Howling Moon Casts Berserk & Haste on self; attack raised by 60% Red XIII must defeat 72 more enemies Howling Moon.jpg
3.2 Earth Rave Damages 1-2 enemies five times at 2x normal damage Perform Howling Moon 6 times Red XIII's Earth Rave.jpg
4 Cosmo Memory Damages all enemies with energy beam at 7.8125x normal damage Open the safe at Shinra Manor and defeat Lost Number Red XIII's Cosmo Memory.jpg

[edit] Cid's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Boost Jump Jumps high in the air onto a single enemy Starting limit Cid's Boost Jump.jpg
1.2 Dynamite Damages all enemies with a stick of dynamite Perform Boost Jump 7 times Dynamite.jpg
2.1 Hyper Jump Damages all enemies with an explosion Cid must defeat 60 enemies Cid's Hyper Jump.jpg
2.2 Dragon Dragon damages all enemies; Cid absorbs some HP & MP Perform Hyper Jump 6 times Cid's Dragon.jpg
3.1 Dragon Dive Damages random enemies six times; chance to cause death Cid must defeat 76 more enemies Cid's Dragon Dive.jpg
3.2 Big Brawl Damages random enemies 9 times Perform Dragon Dive 5 times Cid's Big Brawl.jpg
4 Highwind Damages random enemies with 18 missiles from the Highwind Located on the Sunken Gelnika Cid's Highwind.jpg

[edit] Vincent's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1 Galian Beast -Beast Flare: Deals orbs of energy at all enemies
-Berserk Dance: Combo attack on a single enemy
Starting limit Vincent's Galian Beast.jpg
2 Death Gigas -Gigadunk: Damage a single enemy with a punch
-Livewire: Damage all enemies with electric bolt
Vincent must defeat 40 enemies Vincent's Death Gigas.jpg
3 Hellmasker -Splattercombo: Damages a single enemy five times
-Nightmare: Deal Mini, Frog, Sleep, Mute, and Confusion on a single enemy
Vincent must defeat 56 more enemies Vincent's Hellmasker.jpg
4 Chaos -Chaos Saber: Damages all enemies
-Stan Slam: Instantly kills some enemies, remaining enemies are dealt damage
Visit Lucrecia a second time Vincent's Chaos.jpg

[edit] Cait Sith's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1 Dice Throws dice at a single enemy; damage increases with level Starting limit Cait Sith's Dice.jpg
2 Slots Slots spin dealing various types of attacks
-Mog Dance: Restores all HP & MP (Star/Star/Star)
-Toy Soldier: Damages all enemies (Crown/Crown/Crown)
-Random Summon: Randomly calls a summon (Bar/Bar/Bar)
-Transform: Cait Sith grows with 9999 HP and 999 MP, afterwards all allies are revived but all three HPs are reduced to 3333 and MP to 333 (Moogle/Moogle/Moogle)
-Lucky Girl: Party’s hit % is raised to 100 for critical hits (Heart/Heart/Heart)
-Death to All: Party is killed instantly & Game Over (Cait Sith/Cait Sith/Bar)
-Instant Victory: Kills all enemies (Cait Sith/Cait Sith/Cait Sith)
-Toy Box: Randomly drops an object on one enemy (all other combinations)
a. Boulder: 2x normal damage
b. Icicles: 2.5x normal damage
c. Weight: 3x normal damage
d. Hammer: 3.5x normal damage
e. Fat Chocobo: 4x normal damage
f. Hell House: 4.5x normal damage
g. Comets: 5x normal damage
Cait Sith must defeat 40 enemies No Image

[edit] Yuffie's Limit Breaks

Level Name Description Obtained Image
1.1 Greased Lightning Damages a single enemy with her weapon Starting limit Yuffie's Greased Lightning.jpg
1.2 Clear Tranquil Restores party’s full HP Perform Greased Lightning 8 times Clear Tranquil.jpg
2.1 Landscaper Damages all enemies with earth magic Yuffie must defeat 64 enemies Yuffie's Landscaper.jpg
2.2 Bloodfest Attacks random enemies 8 times Perform Landscaper 7 times Yuffie's Bloodfest.jpg
3.1 Gauntlet Damages all enemies with bomb Yuffie must defeat 64 more enemies Yuffie's Gauntlet.jpg
3.2 Doom of the Living Attacks random enemies 15 times Perform Gauntlet 6 times Yuffie's Doom of the Living.jpg
4 All Creation Damages all enemies with energy beam Complete the Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods side quest Yuffie's All Creation.jpg

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